Pink Frills & Backpacks

Northcote Road

As I was writing the title of this blog post I started chanting, "I LOVE PINK FRILLS" in the style of Sia...and now I've probably got that song in everyone's head. 

So I haven't owned a backpack since I was in year 7. Do you remember it? Hoards of year 7s with oversized (yet actually rather sensible) backpacks knocking their way through the corridors in a frantic struggle to get to lessons and find the right room. The very idea of it has been ingrained in me and for a long time I settled to be the "cool kid" and avoid backpacks at all costs. 

But the cheeky little designers at Radley completely changed my mind when this little babe landed on my doorstep...

Let's all take a moment to bow our heads in appreciation of this glorious bag. Hell. Yes. 

Of course, black is rarely my colour unless it's paired with some form of pastels, so I picked up this stunning blouse from Zara that pretty much is me in the form of a shirt. Frilly, pink, floaty. It ticks all the boxes. It also gave me an excuse to take my all time favourite pair of heels out for another spin! If you're looking for the ultimate Valentino dupes, these bad boys are your ones! They're stylish, super comfy (lest we forget the time I scaled the Eiffel Tower in them) and go with pretty much any outfit. 

Backpack - C/O Radley | Top - Zara | Jeans - Jack Wills | Shoes - Dune

And now onto the real star of the show! The bag itself is the absolute perfect size for everyday use and for travelling and I think it may have bagged itself (ha ha ha) a seat with me on my trip to Copenhagen! The leather is super soft and is adored with gold hardware, making it a classic addition to any capsule wardrobe. There's also a TON of pockets, which for a storage nut like me means I can keep all my little extras safe without worry.

I have loved Radley bags for the longest time (and not just because they have a little Westie as their logo!) and it feels amazing to finally have my own. Honestly, every time I get the chance to work with a brand that I've adored for years I have to pinch myself a bit, and usually do a double take to make sure they haven't emailed the wrong person. 

I also popped on a pair of black high-waist skinny jeans which look absolutely perfect with this blouse. Mine are from Jack Wills and I am yet to find a pair of jeans that fit me so well or feel just as comfy. 

Whoever said you can't rock pastels in Autumn obviously hasn't seen this combo! 

I hope you guys don't mind that the blog posts have been a little irregular again. I'm basically working full time at my retail job, meaning I've had to slot blog bits in on the side. This will be my first Christmas working in a shopping centre and, not going to lie, I'm a bit terrified. It is going to be crazy. But I'm doing my best to post every day, twice a day on my Instagram, so make sure you're following over there! 

I'd love to know what you're all getting up to this weekend. For me, it's all about that work work work work work work. Pretty sure I need to stop with the pop song references now. 

This post is written in collaboration with Radley but all opinions and love of handbags is my own.