A Very Lush Halloween

Rather recently I had a very exciting job change...which I bet you've already guessed considering the title of this blog post! Yep, you're right! I've just started working at Lush! It's basically ultimate blogger dream goals for a part time job, partly because it's just such a great environment to work in and mostly because of all the gorgeous products. 

So, I thought I'd give you a little product tour of some of Lush's brand new Halloween collection, because it's pretty darn cute and smells freaking incredible. Also, I'm definitely trying to force some of my newly learnt product knowledge on you (sorry not sorry). 

I mean, come on! How cute is that pumpkin face (even though he did lose a couple of teeth on the way home). The Pumpkin bath bomb is pretty much the staple product for Halloween. He's adorable, orange and smells like pumpkin pie. Literally, what more could you ask for!? Vanilla absolute means it smells incredible and de-stresses, so if the Autumn air gets a bit too crisp for you, you can always have a gorgeously warm bath with this one. 

Keeping with the pumpkin theme, Sparkly Pumpkin is the most glittery and gorgeous bubble bar I've ever seen. Want proof? I'm currently typing this blog post with glitter covered hands. This one smells gorgeous too, and pretty warm considering its main notes are grapefruit, lime and juniper berry. 

My favourite of the bunch has definitely got to be Autumn Leaf; which is a stunning rainbow of Autumnal pastels that create a beautiful seasonal bath that changes colour as it fizzes. It's probably one of my favourites because it has neroli oil and sandalwood oil, which are two of my all time favourite scents, that both uplift. 

And last, but by certainly no means least, is the adorable little Goth Fairy! I mean, how cute is she! She's not one to drop in the bath though, as she is in fact a shimmer bar. I may or may not have already covered myself in her gorgeous glitter and I regret nothing. It's also super conditioning on the body as the main ingredient is illipe butter. 

I'd love to know if you've had a chance to pick up anything from the new Lush Halloween range, or what your favourite product is! I'm getting way too into everything now that I work there and I absolutely cannot wait to test run Christmas next!