New In: 4U2 Cosmetics

As you know I'm pretty much the biggest lipstick obsessive going. If there's one thing I change daily in my makeup routine it's always the shade of lippie that I'm rocking. So you can imagine my utter delight when the lovely people at 4U2 Cosmetics sent through their entire new Lipaholic collection* (named after me, I'm pretty sure!). 

4U2 is currently in the process of launching in Europe and I am so excited for when these bad boys hit drugstores. There are 14 shades to choose from, from baby pinks to ferocious reds to deep corals, there really is a shade for everyone! 

The lipsticks themselves are extremely pigmented and very creamy to apply. They don't feel drying at all which is a wonderful relief and pretty much stay on all day. Also, all of 4U2 Cosmetics's products are cruelty free, which is a big bonus! 

The only downside I'd have to talk about is the packaging. Although I know they are a budget brand, the plastic feels quite cheap and a couple of them turned up broken and not being able to hold the lipstick out. This led to smearing of the product on the sides of the container as well. I feel like this isn't a huge issue, as the product itself is fantastic, but with other highstreet brands like Kiko bringing out fantastic, expensive looking packaging all the time, I think this may be something 4U2 can work on in the future! 

I've definitely already chosen my three favourites as well. From left to right above are "Brighton Blogger" (which has to be the best name for a lipstick ever), a sophisticated dark rose, "Rock Rose", a deeper shade of coral pink (which I can't wait to take on holiday) and "ICYMI", a taupe-pink with blue undertones.

It was so much fun finding my favourite colours, and I can't wait to test run them all in the future! You can find 4U2 Cosmetics on Twitter here, so give them a follow and keep an eye out for their launch!