Why I've Never Been to London Fashion Week

We're currently in the middle of the biggest fashion event of the year (or twice a year). If you're a blogger, or even just anyone who uses social media, you've probably seen something about London Fashion Week on your timeline. It's everywhere. Anyone who's anyone in the fashion industry is there. It's a hive for fashion bloggers from all across the country. 

So, as I sit at home in my pyjamas, watching snippets of shows on Snapchats or the ongoing contest for the best street style snaps, I think to myself...what haven't I gone to London Fashion Week before? 

It's not even the fact that I don't want to go, because believe me, I would quite like to attend. But there are several reasons as to why the very thought of attending London Fashion Week is enough to make me buy a new pair of fleece pyjamas and crawl back under the duvet for a four day hibernation. 

1. I could never attend the shows I want. 

One thing I see every year is bloggers attending shows just for the sake of it, even if they've never worn or even heard of the designer. Don't get me wrong, attending relatively unknown shows is a great way to discover new fashion, especially if you're interested in designing, but some people attend just for the snap of them sitting in the frow and a slow mo snapchat of a model walking past. 

I have always wanted to attend the Topshop Unique and Burberry shows, but that's about it. And these are both invite only for people with the right following, so the likelihood of me getting into these shows is very slim. To me, there's not really any point in me attending if I'm going to see a designer I don't really love/care about.

2. I've attended a Fashion Week before and I didn't really like it.

Last year I was invited to Brighton Fashion Week, which is a bit like LFW's baby sister. As much as I wanted to enjoy the weird fashion on the catwalk, the majority of my time was spent shivering because it was freezing and giggling at the clothes that were being presented. I'm probably not mature enough to appreciate all that weird stuff (which included a dress made of chicken skin) and most of the time I can't say that I really enjoyed being there. 

3. Even the bloggers who attend admit they don't like it. 

There have been countless times when I have spoken to fellow fashion bloggers about my envy of their awesome LFW attendance, to which the response has always been the same; "You're not really missing out". Many bloggers will admit that LFW involves a lot of waiting around, sitting around, being hungry and having achy feet for a few days. I know some people flipping LOVE it, but the majority I've spoken to have said it's all hype. To be honest, the only appeal of it to me is meeting other fashion bloggers and being able to chat to them, but even then everything is rushed and I'd much rather meet up for brunch. 

4. I'm not stylish enough.

Sort of harking back to point 2, as much as I love writing about my own personal fashion, I just don't appreciate fashion trends all that much. I'm definitely a "if I like it, I like it, if I don't, I don't" kind of person and I've never felt the need to buy something just because it's "in fashion". I mean, I spend practically 90% of my life in tulle skirts so that pretty much sums it up. I feel like a ticket would really just be wasted on me. Saying that, I saw this article yesterday where a girl went along dressed in a load of old, ugly clothes & got the most attention from photographers, so maybe I would fit in just perfectly! 

5. It's just not worth my time. 

Or the brand's time, if I'm honest! Not only is going along and seeing a bunch of shows that I'm not too bothered about a waste of my valuable time (when I could be working) but it's also a waste of the brand's resources, as they could be sending someone who's truly passionate about the show and will honestly provide better coverage. There are people out there who are truly passionate about high-end fashion who's time would be better spent than mine. 

So those are my reasons why I've never attended LFW. I'm definitely not saying I would never want to, but it would have to be for the right shows and the right reasons, not just for the sake of it. If I'm going to share a show on my blog, it would be because I LOVE it and it's clothes that I would want in my 
wardrobe. Personally, the week has never appealed to me, but maybe one day it will. 

Let me know in the comments if you've ever been to LFW and if you enjoyed it! I would love to hear about your experiences.