A Day in Paris with Farfetch

I have to say, when I saw the email about a day trip to Paris with Farfetch, I did a double take, then a scream, and then panicked for a second that they had got the wrong person. I actually couldn't believe it! But, what do you know, within the month I was packed and off to the beautiful city for the second time this year with a bunch of beautiful bloggers. 

We arrived at Gare Du Nord pretty early, and it wasn't long before everyone had their cameras out, snapping photos of the beautiful Parisian architecture on what turned out to be one of the hottest days of the year! It reached heights of 30 and it was truly stunning. 

It wasn't long before we were loaded into our taxis and off to the Eiffel Tower, allowing us to admire the beautiful streets as we drove by. 

The photo below always reminds me of that scene in Inception when the buildings in Paris fold in half...(fave film!) 

We pulled up at the gorgeous Eiffel...

And it wasn't long before we were ascending to new heights as we reached the first floor where 58 Tour Eiffel is. The restaurant is famous for being the only one in the Eiffel Tower and I have always wanted to visit! I'd heard really fantastic things about the food here so I was really excited to try it! 

Also, the view was a bit alright as well!

We all chose our food from the set 'Chic Picnic' menu, and the restaurant had the strange routine of bringing all three courses out at once. 

Luckily I managed to get snaps of most of the food...

Starters included prawn and pasta salad; green peas, coriander and mild spices...

...cream of mushroom soup with cheese ravioli, herb croutons and sesame oil...

...and I went for the duck confit and foie gras terrine with potato salad and shallots vinaigrette. 

The flavours were nice in the starter but it was so cold. I got the impression that a lot of the food had been prepared that morning and nothing was made fresh to order, which was a shame! 

For mains I snapped a photo of Gemma's large elbow macaroni with cream of artichoke and beef jerky. 

While I went for the seared trout fillet with vegetable minestrone. Again, everything was ok, but reminded me slightly of airplane food, just not as fresh as it could have been. 

Probably the best course was the dessert. Jess had milk comte cheese with fig chutney. 

While others went for the hazelnut flavoured custard. 

I chose the lemon curd with meringue and crumble. This was probably my favourite of all three courses, even though it was very simple. However again, with the desserts it was clear that they had been prepared earlier that day and simply left in the fridge until they were needed. 

I have to make clear that my thoughts on the restaurant are in no way a reflection on Farfetch or their amazing trip! As 58 Tour Eiffel has so many good reviews online I had pretty high expectations, but I think really it's a bit of a tourist trap and you're paying for the view (which is spectacular!). If you're in Paris, I wouldn't recommend visiting the restaurant, at least not for their set lunch. I'm always honest about my food experiences as I think food really makes a trip, so I wouldn't want any of you to have a bad experience!

After lunch we ascended even higher up the tower, all the way to the summit. I was so thankful that the day was so clear and beautiful as we had the best view imaginable! I think Paris speaks for itself really...

I should also say that I managed to climb roughly 15 sets of stairs in these heels. I'm basically Super Woman! 

Thanks Gemma for the amazing pic above! 

Soon, it was time to head back down to Earth, as it was time for our photoshoot! All the amazing photos of me below were taken by the incredible Camille Richez, a French photographer who joined us on the rest of our travels. 

For the day I went for a pink, black and white theme and rocked a brand new tulle dress from (as always) Jones & Jones! Their new A/W collection is so fab and this dress arrived just in time for Paris, so I was pretty chuffed! 

Dress - C/O Jones & Jones || Shoes - Dune || Bag - Aldo

And of course, the shoes of dreams. These ones are from Dune and if you think you've recognised them from somewhere, it's because they're dupes for the Valentino's! They are super comfy (as you had probably gathered after I scaled the Eiffel Tower in them) and they're NOW IN THE SALE!!! If you needed an excuse to go get them then you've got one! 

I'm so chuffed with how the photos came out, especially because I get to rock my new hair in them! 

Our final stop was the Joseph Boutique, a brand that I have loved ever since first seeing them on In The Frow's blog. Not only are the clothes incredible, but their store is located on what might just be the prettiest street in Paris. 

We headed through the incredible entrance to explore their brand new pieces. 

I was immediately overwhelmed with how many beautiful pieces there were and had the sudden urge to try everything on! If only we had had time! 

A favourite piece had to be these Sophia Webster butterfly heels. I have wanted a pair for so long and they are just the most beautiful, delicate design I've ever seen. A true princess shoe! 

The Joseph Boutique in Paris not only offers its own label clothes, but also showcases the design talents of brands from around the globe, something I thought was absolutely amazing to see! 

I also felt a bit like Alice in Wonderland under this entrance! 

After exploring it was then time to make our way back to Gare Du Nord and head home. Paris had been truly beautiful and it was such a lovely experience, especially being joined by so many lovely bloggers! I always feel so inspired after being able to spend time with other bloggers and this day was one of the best I have had in a long while! 

From left to right: Denisia | Lauren | Kristy | Dani | Me! | Jess | Gemma | Ella

I want to say a huge thank you to Kristy, Dani and Farfetch for organising such a fantastic trip and inviting me to experience it! One of my dreams for ages has been to go abroad on a blogger trip so I am incredibly grateful for them allowing it to come true. Make sure you follow all the lovely bloggers I went with as well (clickable links in their names).

I really hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it! <3