The Pink Game

Yet another pink outfit post?! To be honest, I don't think you're really surprised by this point. But, look! I'm in a garden and it's pretty and fairy-like so you'll forgive me, right? 

An odd fact about me is that I've only ever owned one watch in my entire life, and it was one of those thin silver numbers everyone had in secondary school, do you remember? To this day I have no idea where it went and for some reason I never replaced it, until now.

The lovely people at House of Florrie offered to send over one of their beautiful timepieces and I immediately fell in love. Inspired by classic pocket watches, the one I chose (pink, obviously) reminds me so much of Alice in Wonderland, and that's pretty much enough for me! 

Watch - C/O House of Florrie || Dress - Topshop || Shoes - C/O Just Fab

The watch has the most beautiful pearlised pink leather strap that goes with practically any outfit, pink or not, while the rose gold accents are just too pretty to handle. 

I paired up my old pink Topshop dress (seriously, I've had it for about four years now) with these new "blogger flats" from Just Fab. I call them "blogger flats" because there was a time when every blogger had them in either black or nude. Of course I'm the last person in existence to jump on the bandwagon with this one, but I have to say they're so pretty. Word of warning, though, they absolutely kill your feet, so I'd definitely recommend going up a size to avoid potential skin digging! 

Recently, I've felt a bit lost on my blog. My content isn't as regular as it used to be since leaving university, when honestly I thought I would have all the time in the world! But today my mama came down and took these photos with me and it's given me the kick up the backside I needed to get going again. I really want to start posting every other day again and it's crazy how much a lack of inspiration can kill your entire mood for blogging! 

So I hope you haven't minded my slightly irregular posting schedule. I'm determined to get it back up and running properly and I'd like to thank you if you're still reading! I really appreciate every single one of you <3

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