Maze by Gordon Ramsey

So, in my last post I mentioned that I went somewhere very special for lunch on my visit to London last week. As a huge foodie, I have always wanted to visit one of Gordon Ramsey's restaurants and I finally got to dine at Maze in Mayfair! Famous for their sushi, they focus on taking classic European dishes and twisting them with Asian influences. 

Before we went I had a little search online to see if there were any deals going for the restaurant, as most of the time the higher end places have set menus that work out a lot cheaper than ordering a la carte. Luckily, I found one on Last Minute for four courses plus a cocktail for £35 each, which for Mayfair and the amount of food you're getting is pretty amazing. 

As soon as we were seated the service was incredible (as you would expect) and they promptly brought up our cocktails which were a sweet concoction of raspberry and lychee. As you know I rarely drink, but I gave it a go anyway. I do wish I had ordered a virgin version because even though it tasted amazing I still couldn't hold the spirits it contained. 

We then ordered up our four dishes from a menu list. I absolutely loved having the option to pick and choose what dishes you had and meant that I didn't have to worry about getting something I didn't like.

They then presented us with a colourful amuse-bouche to cleanse our palette which tasted a bit like cold carrot and coriander soup, but absolutely amazing. The flavours were incredibly fresh and the mixture of textures was just delightful. 

We then began the parade of food. First up was the spicy salmon roll with chilli garlic and cucumber. Maze is renowned for its sushi dishes and it was amazing to get a taste of a classic. 

I went for the burrata with wild garlic pesto and wood sorrel, which kind of reminds me of a bunny looking at it. Considering I was basically eating a lump of cheese it was totally amazing and the pesto was so incredible that i was tempted to ask the chef for the recipe! 

Then came English asparagus with black bean mayonnaise and togarashi, which is a Japanese chilli powder. 

Of course, as a newly transferred pescatarian I had the fish option: roasted cod with fennel and champagne sauce. It was so light and delicious and not at all bland like I often find cod. 

I couldn't eat it, but the beef belly with rainbow chard and red radish looked amazing. The presentation was spot on and looked melt in the mouth tender. 

And then, because the option was there, I had two desserts. Because why wouldn't you have two desserts if the option was there, am I right?! My first one was strawberry tartlet with elderflower sorbet and vanilla, with crispy meringue wings. Underneath the layer of strawberries was a bed of creme patisserie, and it was just wonderful. I could have eaten it all over again. 

My second dessert was white chocolate mousse with cherries, aerated chocolate and blackcurrant sorbet. Although once again amazing I think I preferred the tartlet just a bit over this one. It was amazing to essentially have a white chocolate mousse with homemade Aero bars though! 

We finished off our meal with a little petit four; mango pate de fruit. I absolutely love pate de fruit although I know a lot of people hate the texture. These were perfectly light and spongey with a gorgeously subtle mango taste. 

The meal was absolutely amazing, as I'm sure you can see and because I keep saying the word "amazing" over and over again. To be honest, you can't go wrong with a Gordon Ramsey restaurant in my opinion! The set menu deal was 100% worth the money too and I left feeling full but not bloated, which is always a nice sensation. 

Let me know what you think of Maze's food and if there's anywhere I should visit next! 

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