The Tea Files - Burj Al Arab

The Tea Files go global, baby! 

For ages now I've wanted the opportunity to step outside of my typical London locations for afternoon tea and since I was headed to Dubai I finally got the chance! 

Last week I was extremely lucky to visit the gorgeous Burj Al Arab with my mama to finally try their afternoon tea. If you're not familiar with the hotel, it's 7 star, shaped like a sail, and pretty much the epitome of luxury. 

If you don't believe me, the lobby has an aquarium. 

I've also been lucky enough to stay in the hotel three times now, and every time it has been absolutely incredible. The rooms are just out of this world (they have two floors) and it is definitely one of those hotels to visit before you die. 

There are actually two places you can have afternoon tea in the hotel; one is in the Sky Bar (the book shaped bar that's attached to the hotel on the top floor) or there is the more traditional tea on the first floor at Sahn Eddar. We went for this one as it was recommended to us by a friend. 

When we arrived we were promptly shown to our table, passing an Easter Egg that happened to be bigger than me (although I still reckon I could take it on!). 

The table had a lovely view over looking the hotel's entrance and the Wild Wadi waterpark in the distance (you may recognise this location from my last post!). 

Of course mama started her tea with a glass of champagne.

The afternoon tea is eight courses, yep eight and comes with unlimited hot drinks and juices. They kindly made me a virgin Pina Colada as well, which was absolutely amazing. 

Soon the first course arrived; white chocolate 'Petit Pot' with green apple. This may have been the first course but I actually think it was my favourite of the lot. Not only does it just look like a work of art but it was the most delicious thing I have ever eaten. It really was heavenly. 

Shortly after began the savouries, starting with a selection of finger sandwiches including; 

Smoked salmon and crab pinwheel with crushed avocado, lime and chilli.

Coronation chicken in tomato and spinach loaf.
Truffled hen's egg and cress on artisanal baguette.
Roast beef and bresaola parcel with horseradish salsa verde. 
Cucumber and mint cream cheese in saffron focaccia.

Bit of a list but I just had to include all the details to show you how perfect they were!

Here's a closer look at the cucumber one...

After that came the Mediterranean tartlet stuffed with ratatouille, olives and feta. 

It was then time for drink number two! Watermelon juice, of course, my absolute favourite. 

We were then presented with a lychee sorbet topped with a sugared rose petal to cleanse our palates. 

Because it was time for the sweets! First up were the scones; the most perfect scones you ever did see. They were practically perfect in every way. 

Served with clotted cream, marmalade, strawberry jam and passionfruit. 

Oops, did you say another drink? Oh, go on then. 

Well I can't turn down a hot chocolate, can I?

Mama on the other hand had darjeeling. 

The final course was a selection of pastries and tea cakes, which you could choose from a tray. By this point my food baby was extraordinarily large, so I just chose two; the lemon tart and the strawberry and almond pastry. Both were divine. 

And then, of course, mama had a latte to top it all off. 

And just like that, it was done. We were practically rolled out of the hotel and into a taxi, but it was so worth it. So, for our rating...

The Tea Files Rating: 10/10

I honestly couldn't fault this tea. It was stunning and honestly knocked some of the previous ones I've had in London out of the park. The attention to detail was just insane and the food itself all tasted fresh and delicious. The service was also outstanding with everything we needed constantly being brought to us. 

This really is a must visit if you're ever in Dubai, and although it's more on the pricey side (around £100 per person), it is honestly worth it if you are looking for that once in a lifetime experience of afternoon tea. You can find out more about the tea and how you can book on their website HERE

As always, we're always looking for new places to visit for afternoon tea and to review with the Tea Files! And, if you enjoyed this post, be sure to give our other instalments of the series a read. 

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