The Blogger Essentials Wishlist

Headphones | Sheepskin | Lumix Super Zoom Camera | 40mm Lens | Marble Contact Paper | Bloggers Planner | Artificial Flowers

I should probably put a quick disclaimer on this post that none of these are really blogger essentials in that if you don't have them then you're positively NOT A BLOGGER and you need to quit straight away because you prefer silver over rose gold. They're more like things I want that I think would make blogging for me a little easier or better. And before you say anything, yes, fake peonies are a necessary addition to my life. 

The one thing I've been lusting after for a little while has to be a smaller camera. As much as I love lugging around my DSLR, it would be nice to have a smaller one for general use. This would also mean opening up a whole new world of smaller handbags...yay! You can also change the lens on the Panasonic DMC-LX7, which makes me very happy indeed. 

In the other realm of cameras is the 40mm lens which I have been looking at purchasing to join my 50mm. I've heard nothing but good things about it, so definitely would love to give it a spin. 

Other bits a bobs are pretty much just for flatlay purposes, such as the marble contact paper, the artificial flowers and the faux sheepskin. I'm definitely becoming more and more obsessed with my Instagram account and I'm turning into one of those nutters who buys props specifically for flatlay purposes. 

The headphones are really not essential at all, but my god are they pretty (yep, I'm still thinking flaylays in my head). Also, who doesn't need a set of headphones to block out the world while you're deep in your writing zone? 

I've also placed a handy dandy list of my favourite photo editing apps on here, although I already have these! They all do their part in making my Instagram feed something I'm proud of, although I am a big fan of Instagram's own filters too. Also, just so we all know I use the Airbrush app to erase blemishes from flatlays, not to make myself look skinner or anything!

So that's my blogger essentials wishlist! Let me know in the comments if you've been lusting after any blog related goodies, or if there's anything you think I NEED! 

This post is kindly sponsored by Panasonic but all opinions on unnecessary essential items are my own.