10 Snapchat Accounts I'm Loving

Something I've been absolutely obsessed with lately is Snapchat. As you know, I haven't got what I could describe as a 'functioning' Youtube channel, despite trying to start one a couple of times. The honest truth is I love creating video content, but editing and uploading and all that long stuff bores me to tears. 

But, Snapchat is pretty much my paradise. I can create video content every single day and upload it instantly without editing. It's the dream. 

I saw the idea for this post first on Elle's blog HERE, and I immediately thought "Oh my God why did I not think of that? I LOVE SNAPCHAT".

If you're not too aware of how Snapchat is being used nowadays, it's basically like a second form of vlogging. Loads of bloggers and youtubers have been taking it up as a casual way of communicating and it's really started taking the blogosphere by storm!

I'm personally not only obsessed with watching Snapchat stories, but also with creating my own. You can follow me at hellomissjordan if you fancy following along with my general silliness, and if you're looking for a couple more to get you started/add to your collection, here's some of my favourites. 

Em Ford - @mypaleskinblog
I've been obsessed with Em's Snapchat and general life ever since we discovered a mutual love of Once Upon A Time. You probably know her from the incredible viral video "You Look Disgusting" as well, and I absolutely love how down to Earth her snaps are and she never fails to make me smile with her positivity and enthusiasm. 

Carrie - @carriewish
Carrie's was one of the first blogs I ever followed and she has always been a huge inspiration to me. I've had the pleasure of meeting her a couple of times and I can confirm she's just as lovely as she appears! She never fails to show all of her food (something I find very important) and she's just generally nice as pie. In one of her snaps recently she said something along the lines of "Don't feel down if you don't get invited to all the events on other bloggers' snapchats" and it really did cheer me up on a down blogging day. 

Rosie - @rosielondoner
Another wonderful blogger who I've followed basically since the beginning, I believe Rosie only recently got snapchat and I'm so happy she did! Like me, she doesn't have a youtube channel, so being able to follow her around the world and taking a peek inside her incredible life makes me feel like a bit of a VIP guest. Also she has the cutest dog, if you didn't know! 

Victoria - @inthefrow
Victoria is pretty much just goals in a nutshell, really. Her snapchats never fail to disappoint as she travels to some incredible places and meets some incredible people. I attempt to live vicariously through her incredible OOTDs and designer hauls and she's just generally stunning. She's always incredibly positive, something I really respect in a content creator as well. 

Liv Purvis - @livpurvis
Aka, Liv from What Olivia Did has one of my favourite snapchats because she just never fails to make me laugh. She has a great use of filters and the speed-up option and her style is one of my favourites around. I definitely have gained a lot of my everyday princess style inspiration from her. Not to mention she's a fellow Crazy Westie Lady and her little Maggie is just the cutest!

Ellie - @theellenextdoor
This may look like I'm putting Ellie in this post just because I stole this entire idea from her, but I promise I'm not. Ellie only recently got Snapchat and I'm so happy she did. For one thing, she's flipping hilarious. Like, LOL hilarious. She never fails to keep it completely real and tell it like it is and she also makes me feel better when she doesn't wear makeup all of the time. She's one of my best blogging friends and I can honestly verify that she's just as awesome in real life. 

Sarah Ashcroft - @sarah_ashcroft
Another one of those "omg I wish I was you give me your face" bloggers, Sarah's snapchat is a must follow! She seems just like the kind of person you'd want to hang out with and this completely comes across in her snaps. At the moment she's travelling in the Maldives and holy moly I'm getting serious wanderlust! I haven't been following her too long but I'm so excited to see more from her. 

Leanne Lim-Walker - @leannelimwalker
Another one of those hair goals bloggers, Leanne is absolutely beautiful inside and out. Not only is her style on point but her hair is ever changing, so you'll never get bored of looking at her, not that you would anyway! She's also started the wonderful cause #SunflowersForJacqueline; jewellery pieces that donate £15 from every purchase to support Rethink Mental Illness. 

Lydia Elise Millen - @lydiaemillen
Oddly enough, I discovered Lydia's Snapchat first out of all of her social media channels! It was because people were talking about her incredible snap story regarding body confidence and being 'fake' so I had to check it out. I was immediately hooked by her warm and inspiring personality and that was it. Followed everywhere. I have not regretted it a day since, especially when she motivates me to go to the gym. 

Suzie - @hellooctober
A fellow Brighton blogger, I have absolutely been loving Suzie's snaps recently! She has an eye for the loveliest designer bits and pieces and I love following her around on her travels to events and locations. I can also confirm she is absolutely lovely, after I met her earlier last year. 

So those are 10 Snapchat accounts that I'm absolutely loving at the moment. I highly recommend you check them all out as they're all such lovely ladies! One thing I love about Snapchat is the feeling that you're really there with these people, rather than being divided by glossy photographs or planned Youtube videos (although I'm obviously a big fan of those too!). 

And, if you haven't got a Snapchat yet but are a fan of vlogs/procrastinating then I definitely recommend it! It's so much fun to both use and watch. If you fancy following me you're in for a real treat, by which I mean my makeup-free face and photos of my dog constantly. I know, I'm really selling it. 

Let me know if there's any Snapchat accounts you love watching in the comments!