Sweater Styling

Photography by Lauren Shipley

Something I've been after for what feels like forever is what I would call a 'stylish sweater', which pretty much sounds like an oxymoron in itself, but hear me out. I've seen a great trend in bloggers rocking slogan sweatshirts, but still managing to make them look cool and trendy. So basically, comfort, but still looking like a suave fashionista who knows her stuff. 

I hunted high and low until finally, I found the perfect one. This gorgeous sweatshirt from Topshop is basically everything I needed. It's black, so it goes with everything, the slogan isn't too big or weird and it's brushed cotton so it's pretty much the softest thing in the world. 

Of course, this could pass as the slouchiest jumper in the world if I wanted it to, but I decided to dress it up for the occasion when Lauren came to visit and we took some snaps around the streets of Brighton (aka, managing to hold up crowds of people by standing in the middle of the walkway). 

I paired it up with the other denim skirt I bought (if you remember from my last post where I couldn't decide between two of them). This one is more high waisted with two pockets as opposed to the a-line one I bought. It's still super cute, though and succeeds in jazzing up my outfit. 

For a splash of purple, I whacked out my Cambridge Satchel Company tiny satchel, which happened to match the walls! 

And to top it all off, a floppy hat made sure it was undeniable that I was a trendy fashion blogger, obviously. 

Sweatshirt - Topshop || Skirt - Topshop || Boots - Office 

Let me know what you think of my attempt at jazzing up a sweatshirt!

I am also proud to say that I have joined the clan of irritating people who wear sweatshirts with logos on them that are truly irrelevant to their lifestyles, if you were wondering if I am actually a member of the California Surfing Association.