The Unicorn Blouse

Photography by Lauren Shipley

Because I never shut up about it really, you probably know that last week was my birthday! For the big day, all I really wanted was to spend it with some friends and I was lucky enough to have six lovely ladies join me in Brighton for the day; five incredible bloggers Lauren, Kris, Becky, Olivia, Jaye and my friend from university Ellie. We spent the day chatting and munching on some delicious food at The Breakfast Club (post coming soon!) and they were absolutely the babest of the babes. 

Just before everyone arrived, Lauren came down a bit early so we could shoot a few outfit photos. I've never had the opportunity to shoot with Lauren before, so I was so excited to see the finish results. 

Holy mackerel, she did not disappoint. 

For my birthday I decided to wear one of my all time favourite outfits, including my favourite oxblood, leather-look skirt and possibly the greatest blouse of all time - yes, it has UNICORNS ON IT. 

I have been obsessed with unicorns since I was a baby. I have no idea why but they have always enchanted me. I once even made my own encyclopaedia on Microsoft Word all about unicorns, including the unicorn royal bloodline (because obviously there is a unicorn king!). I used to pretend I was a unicorn when I was little and hoped that during the night I would be able to transform into one. Sadly, my dreams did not become a reality *sigh*, and I was actually bullied quite a lot at both primary and secondary school for my love of unicorns. 

So you can imagine my amusement now, at 22 years old, seeing girls of my age and older being just as obsessed as I was when I was younger. I'm not even kidding, unicorns are EVERYWHERE. So I'm just going to go out on a limb here and say that I started this trend over fourteen years ago when I was galloping around the playground. 

Blouse - Zara

When I received this blouse for Christmas I knew it would pair perfectly with this skirt! The colours compliment each other perfectly for an adorable combination! You'll also be pleased to know this skirt is on sale now! Huzzah! 

Skirt - Zara || Boots - Ugg (C/O Jake Shoes) || Hat - Missguided

Bracelet - Trollbeads || Charms - Various locations

I am absolutely in love with the photos Lauren took though. They are everything I could have wanted and I am honestly hoping she can do a lot of my future outfit posts because she did such an amazing job. 

Also I'm aware of my peeping socks in a couple of these pictures, but it was literally zero degrees that day and I was wearing velvet plush leggings don't judge me. 

Let me know in the comments if you're a big fan of unicorns and what you think of my unicorn themed winter wear! 

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