Birthday Brunch

I thought long and hard about finding a birthday venue that was both bloggable and delicious. But really, there was only one place for me; The Breakfast Club. I've reviewed this wonderful cafe in Brighton before but it was only right that I give it a second mention because it was my birthday! 

After shooting all those gorgeous photos in my last post, me and Lauren hunted down all the other lovelies who so wonderfully joined me and we all headed in the direction of food. We were soon seated in our own booth surrounded by pineapple lamps and flamingos on the wall. 

One of the best things about the Breakfast Club is that they actually do pitchers of smoothies, so you can all share! We decided to go for the 'Green is Good' smoothie, which contained spinach, mint, mango and apple. It was absolutely delicious and so refreshing! It wasn't one that I would have picked myself so I'm really glad the rest of the girls went for this one as it was lovely! 

We ordered up and it wasn't long before seven plates of delicious food appeared at our table. There was a general consensus of eggs, topped with a whole range of yummy goodies such as avocado, chillies, hollandaise, salmon and bacon. All the good stuff!

I went for the eggs royale with two perfectly cooked poached eggs (if it's not runny, it's not poached!) and a good ol' dollop of creamy hollandaise sauce. 

Becky went for a burger, which I was very tempted by, and as soon as it came out I was wishing I had one for myself! It looks absolutely scrummy! 

Then the best surprise occurred. The lovely staff brought out a whopping stack of pancakes, complete with vanilla cream and a good helping of fresh berries! I was so surprised and extra happy because you all know how much of a pancake fiend I am. We were all given knives and forks so we passed the stack around the table until...well it wasn't much of a stack anymore. 

It was seriously a delicious brunch and I will 100% be going back to the Breakfast Club for a third visit (and probably more!). If you're ever around Brighton I definitely recommend you pop in for a quick plate. I know the London branches can have queues out of the door but there is usually always a table at the Brighton one!

I also want to give a massive thank you to the lovely girls who came all the way down to Brighton to make my day extra special. It honestly was up there with one of the best birthdays I've ever had and I couldn't ask for a better group of friends!

Alright, I better go before I start tearing up! Let me know in the comments if you've ever visited a Brekky Club and what you thought!