The Staples

Firstly, I should apologise for the lateness of this post. After two 3000 word essays both due on the same day I hope you understand that my brain resembles something like the grey stuff from Beauty and the Beast. But, I'm back and here with a brand new outfit post! 

Unfortunately I didn't really get the chance to do a what I got for Christmas post this year. I kind of brought everything home and put it all away and then frankly, could not be bothered to get it all out again. But there were two gifts I knew I had to show you. 

I saw this gorgeous trench coat in the sales earlier in the year, but even with the reduction it was still way out of what I could afford at the time. I sadly left it behind on the rack, never expecting to see it again...until Christmas Day when I opened tore the wrapping paper off to find a lime green Ted Baker bag tied with a ribbon. Inside guessed it! The most beautiful coat I've ever seen. 

I've been lusting after a trench coat for ages now! It's definitely one of those capsule wardrobe staples that I think everyone should have if they're looking to create a stylish, classic set of clothes. It goes with essentially everything and is perfect for days when it's chilly but you don't really feel like layering on the parka. 

The second gift was actually one I picked out myself. If you didn't know Cambridge Satchel Company recently opened an outlet store in Brighton, just a couple doors down from where I work, conveniently! Of course, a quick browse lead to me falling in love with this bag, which then lead to me dragging my boyfriend in and him getting it for me for Christmas! (Lucky girl!) 

I love it especially because it retains the traditional satchel style while still having a bit of quirkiness to it. It's big enough to fit my camera as well, which is a must. The shade is the most gorgeous coral pink that is just perfect. How many time can I say perfect in one post? A PERFECT NUMBER OF TIMES.

Coat - Ted Baker

I can safely say these two pieces are permanent and lasting additions to my wardrobe! They're classic and I know 100% you'll be seeing me wearing them out just a little bit too much!

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