Blushing Pink

Prepare yourself for the longest overdue post of all time! You may remember back in October I won a cheeky award in the Bloggers Blog Awards. My prize was a £150 voucher for the lingerie website Bluebella, which I was absolutely overwhelmed with as I honestly believe there's nothing more pampering than a beautiful set of underwear. 

Then there was the matter of doing a shoot. Was I prepared to go down to underwear on my blog? Well, you know the answer. I did it. I've worn bikinis on the blog before and I honestly think there's hardly any difference! Same amount of skin, right? 

I was even more thrilled when Martin said he would shoot the pics. He's never let me down yet with presenting some of the best photographs and these were no exception. 

Bra - C/O Bluebella || Knickers - C/O Bluebella || Kimono - C/O Bluebella

Despite one of my unrealistic dreams being to become a Victoria's Secret model, I found that once I'd gotten ready I was a bit less confident than I thought I would be. Honestly, I've gained a stone in weight over the past year and I'm definitely not as toned as I used to be. There were definitely a couple of moments where I felt a bit unhappy with the way I looked during this shoot and it's definitely given me a kick up the butt to work a bit harder on eating healthy in 2016. However, the shoot also gave me a lot of confidence as well. I've never done anything like this before but I absolutely loved doing it!

A lot of people will look at these photos and say that I've got nothing to worry or that I'm skinny enough already, but honestly my body confidence is not the best and my weight gain has majorly affected that in the past year. I 100% believe in being who you want to be and as long as you're healthy and happy then you're perfect <3

Have to say a big thanks to Martin as well for putting up with my incessant moaning over how my stomach looked in certain shots. 

The underwear itself, as you can probably tell, is just beautiful. It's the most perfect shade of blush pink combined with intricate black lace detailing. I also adore the extra straps on both the bra and knickers as it really adds something unique to the set. I also chose this stunning pink satin kimono that is just stunning. The whole combination really did make me feel beautiful and dare I say I feel like a massive dork saying that! 

I still haven't spent all of my voucher so you may be seeing another shoot one day! I really hope you all like this post as much as I do. It really is a huge step for me confidence wise and it was also so much fun to pretend to be a VS model for the day (if only I was 6ft!).  

Another big thank you to Martin for taking such wonderful photos! You can find his website here