Brighton Fashion Week

Photo by Dawid Pietraszewski

A few weeks back I did something that made me feel like an actual fashion blogger - I went to a fashion week. Brighton Fashion Week, to be precise! I've heard about Brighton Fashion Week since I moved down to the seaside but I've never had the chance to attend until this year thanks to my friend and head of photography at BFW, Malcolm Tam. In classic Brighton fashion (pardon the pun), the theme was sustainable fashion and all of the designers in the show adhered to one or more of the ethical rules of fashion, making for some very creative and exciting pieces!

Before the shows, I was even allowed a sneak peek of all the backstage action. It was bustling, with people running about, applying makeup and taking photos. All of the pieces from the show were hanging on rails, which meant I got to get a first look at some of the designers who were coming up in the shows. 

Of course, anything pink and sparkly is bound to catch my eye, so the two collections from L.O.M. and Gabriella Sardena were the ones that I made a note to look out for. 

Later in the evening, I arrived at All Saint's Church in Hove where the atmosphere was buzzing.

Photo by Malcolm Tam

We took our seats and for the first time in my life I was 'in the frow'! I was so excited to be so close to the action and it felt like such a special experience.

The first show was Sustain, which was to showcase sustainability in all it's glory, while still maintaining the physical representation of the designers and their ideas.

The first line came from Novel Beings and I absolutely loved this collection. I immediately fell in love with several of the outfits, especially for their wearability and the fact that I would 100% buy some of the pieces if I saw them in stores.

The pieces were incredibly chic and gave off a very classy and Autumnal vibe! I love the first outfit you see below, with the checkered coat and denim skirt. 

The show continued with more and more designers showcasing their work.

A key theme that ran through each catwalk was the repetitive use of a key piece of fabric, highlighting the sustainability and the numerous ways that one thing can be used.

Claire Poggio -

Kelly Dawn Riot - 

Kitty Ferreria UK -

Angus Tsui -

Soon it was time for the second show, Zeitgeist, which showcased twelve up and coming designers with incredible talent who represent the new innovative fashion of the future. 

There were definitely three designers who stood out for me (two of whom I mentioned earlier). The first was Gabriella Sardena, who presented the most candy coloured, magical collection I've ever seen in my life. 

This collection is 'inspired by the innocence of femininity in contrast to the psychotic compulsive obsession with everything sickly sweet'. 

My favourite thing had to be the shoes. I mean...look at them! 

The second designer I loved was Isaac Raymond, an envisionary 17 year old designer who takes his inspiration from the likes of Alexandra McQueen and Lady Gaga. His dramatic, yet elegant designs really stuck in my head and were truly beautiful. 

I also had the wonderful opportunity to sit down and have a chat with Isaac about his work, but more on that in my next post! 

I also fell in love with L.O.M. and her incredible, mermaid-esque designs. I'm talking sequins, fringe and a whole lot of rainbow print. 

My favourite had to be the dress that came out black but turned glittery green as the model rolled her hands over it! 

The rest of the show was truly spectacular and I saw some amazing sights! 

After Zetigeist had finished, there was a special show dedicated to the Showreel Design Competition, where designers were challenged to create a piece that explored the relationship between life, art and costume. 

The following girl wore a dress made of cotton and chicken skin, and yes...that is her real hair. 

The experience was truly incredible and it was fantastic to finally sit in the front row of a fashion show! I've had my heart set on going to London Fashion Week for a while now so this was a wonderful opportunity to get an insight into fashion and the designers who are changing the face of the industry.

Let me know in the comments what your favourite piece from the show is!