The Showstopper

So a long, long, long time ago now I did this photoshoot that for some reason I never posted the full set of photos for, which is absolutely crazy as it had to be one of my most favourite shoots of all time. And it also features one of the most fabulous dresses that has ever graced my torso. This post may also get a little picture heavy as there were so many fantastic shots! 

I knew as soon as I put it on that I had to shoot it somewhere glamorous and somewhere a little bit special. So I rang up my old place of work, Stanmer House, and asked if I would be allowed to take a few pictures around and about. Luckily, they said yes and we headed on down one early morning to get a few shots. 

I also got to stand in front of my dream car - a black Mini Cooper convertible. If there ever was a car for me, it's this one. 

There's no denying the dress itself is pretty spectacular. It's from a company I've featured on here before called New York Dress and it's pretty much layers upon layers of petticoats, lace and sparkling rhinestones, making me feel like the ultimate princess, or perhaps Christine Daae in the Masquerade scene from The Phantom of the Opera

If you're wondering, all these photos were taken by the incredible photographer Malcolm Tam, who's portfolio you can find here. I've featured some of his pictures on my blog before when he photographed the Holi event at my university. 

Although I'm not happy with the approaching chill of the freezing cold weather, this dress is definitely a year-round treat for me. The darker tones mean that it'll make the perfect Christmas/New Year's Eve outfit (yes, I'm already thinking about it!) and it's so glam that it can be worn to tons of different events! 

I feel like Stanmer House keeps popping up all over the place lately (it seems to be a firm favourite of Zoella's to visit) which makes me glad I don't work there anymore as I can finally enjoy what it has to offer. Let me know if there's any other Brighton locations you think I should visit/shoot in as I'd love to hear your ideas!