Cornwall Soapbox

You may remember my series of posts from Cornwall (or not because it was ages ago!). Well, it turns out I never got to show you some of the gorgeous things I purchased on my holiday, including many beautiful candles. 

Somehow, I managed to walk past the Cornwall Soapbox shop on St Ives Harbour every single day, until my last day when I was immediately drawn to it by the amazing smell! Incidentally, I had already purchased some candles the day before, causing an immediate feeling of regret that I hadn't found this place sooner. The walls were stacked high with dozens of different candle scents, hand soaps and lotions. After what can only be described as a right good sniff around, I chose two, one for me and one for my mama (fellow candle lover). 

The two scents I chose were Exotic Woods and White Sandalwood, two fragrances I knew my mama would like so she could pick her favourite. Both are extremely fresh smelling which is something I think is very important in a candle, but the scent is still strong. The Exotic Woods candle actually smells a spa and it was the one that my mama eventually chose. 

This meant I got to burn White Sandalwood, which was absolutely amazing. It was the perfect scent for the end of summer/coming of Autumn and it has been burning nearly every single day. It burns perfectly as well (no holes down the middle here!). 

Of course if these scents aren't quite up your street, they do a huge range on their website as well which can be found here. I am a huge fan of anything that is made locally and the fact that it is a family owned company makes me very happy. I actually got to meet Mike (one half of the pair who run the company) in the St Ives shop and he was lovely. If you're looking for a gift for Christmas or any other occasion I'd definitely recommend them!