A View from the Hill

After our exploration of the beautiful town of Battle, we headed towards Hastings to have a ride on the cliff railways. Despite it being just a short trip along the coastline, I've never been to Hastings Old Town and I was really excited to see what another seaside town had in store for us. 

The first cliff railway was the East Cliff, who's steep tracks carried you in an old Victorian car all the way to the top of the Hastings Country Park. We climbed aboard just as the sun began to peek through the clouds, the sea glittering beneath us.

The buildings grew smaller and smaller until they looked like nothing more than toy ones. 

We exited the carriage onto the most beautiful green space I've ever seen, stretching on for miles. There were dog owners everywhere but it felt like a secret spot, only to be accessed by such a mystical railway. 

Looking back down the hill, you could see the sea stretching for miles, and the beautiful seafront buildings towering up jaggedly from the bottom of the cliff.

Details of my outfit can be found in my last post about my visit to Battle here

As we walked along, we met a lovely lady with her horse dog, an Irish Wolfhound called Sid. Believe me, I'm not even over-exaggerating when I say that he was the size of a small pony. Despite his size, he was only still a puppy and was incredibly gentle and lovable.

After exploring the park, we headed back down and walked along the seafront to the West Cliff Railway, which would take us to the top of the other hill. 

This one seemed a bit older and a lot steeper, with the carriage disappearing into the darkness of a tunnel at one point.

This one led us to where you can visit Hastings Castle, but sadly moments after taking this photo, the thunderstorm clouds rolled in and it started pouring hard of rain! Classic Blighty.

Instead we took the carriage back down and had a little wander through the streets of Hastings, popping in and out of the old fashioned shops.

I think this photo of pumpkins may be the most Autumnal picture I've taken this year. Praise be to the Pumpkin King!!

We also found this amazing sculpture of different sea creatures playing chess. It felt like something out of Alice in Wonderland!

After our mini adventure, we headed back home to Brighton. It was a beautiful day out filled with history and adventure. I will 100% be returning to Hastings as I never knew what a lovely town it is! Hastings are also holding a bonfire to commemorate both the Battle of Hastings and Bonfire Night which I'm definitely considering attending. Let me know if you've been to Hastings and if you have any favourite spots I should check out next time I visit!