When You Wishlist #2 - Homeware

homeware wishlist panasonic speakers lights doormat print owl candle oliver bonas kitchen aid

Top Row

Biscuit Cushions - Who doesn't love biscuits am I right?! I've been obsessed with these biscuit cushions ever since I first spotted them online and the obsession has not yet died. I do love food shaped home furnishings. 

Wireless Speakers - One little luxury I've always been a fan of is wireless speakers. Having visited a few houses where they have complete surround sound in the living room it's pretty much amazing. Your living room practically becomes a cinema and what more and I know that one day in my own home I would love to have these in my living room (or if I become a miraculous millionaire, my dedicated home cinema!). The Panasonic Technics c700 are some of the highest-resolution audio systems so I think I know which one's I'll be getting! 

Cotton Fairy Lights - I adore Posh Totty shop and these lights are just perfect. The colours are wonderful and neutral enough that they can go in any room. 

Middle Row

Copper and Glass Frame - While we were away in Cornwall my boyfriend bought me one of the most beautiful prints I've ever seen for our anniversary from the Rifle Paper Co. I knew immediately that I wanted a copper glass frame like this one to hang it on the wall and this one is perfect. 

Ampersand Print - If you didn't know already, the lovely Kate from Gh0stparties recently opened a shop on Nouvelle daily hosting all kinds of beautiful goodies. I basically want to raid the entire shop but this print especially caught my eye. I love the marbling, watercolour effect on the symbol and it would look beautiful framed in the home. 

Doormat - I saw this doormat in Cornwall but unfortunately couldn't afford it at the time. As soon as I saw it I knew that I needed it in my home. How can you look at that message without it bringing a smile to your face?

Bottom Row

Owl Candle - Oliver Bonas do some of the best candles and while I was browsing I saw this owl shaped candle. *Heavy breathing* I've got a strange love for owls and anything owl shaped and this is adorable. 

Lamp - Another copper item (are you sensing a theme?), this lamp is pretty much the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen. Plus it reminds me of the Pixar lamp, but a tad more fancy. 

Copper Kitchen Aid - "OH GOD JORDAN STOP WITH THE COPPER ALREADY". NEVER. Yes, it's true. There is now a copper kitchen aid. *More heavy breathing* It is perhaps the most glorious thing I've ever seen in my entire life. 

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