Sunshine in St Ives

It seems like forever ago since we arrived in sunny St Ives. After a treacherous seven hour drive in the torrential rain from Brighton (in which time we nearly hit a large random object that was lying in the middle of the road!), it seemed the weather was on our side as it turned into the most beautiful day imaginable. 

We dropped our bags at the gorgeous B&B we had chosen; No1 St Ives. Cosy and gorgeously decorated, the only thing more welcoming than the house is the owners, Anna and Simon. They gave us the warmest welcome and were the perfect hosts throughout our entire stay. 

I got a few snaps of the room on arrival and as you can tell it was pretty lovely, with the most gorgeous bathroom and the comfiest bed imaginable. 

We quickly made our choices for breakfast the next day (which you will definitely be getting a peek of) before heading out into the town. 

The sky was blue and the tide was in, with dozens of boats floating about. We grabbed a bite to eat at the fish and chip shop before chilling on a bench overlooking the harbour.

Our little man was enjoying himself too, although I think he was a bit jealous of our food!

Sadly we never got to try this place, but does it not have the best name for a restaurant ever?!

A lot of the beaches in St Ives don't allow dogs at all, or until after a certain time, so we took Oscar to a special beach where dogs are allowed. Bamaluz beach sits in a tiny bay just beyond the main harbour. If you manage to scale the steps downwards, you're met with the most adorable little place and more dogs than you've ever seen in your life!

It gave us a chance to get a few snaps together while the sun shone down.

Shorts - Mango || Jumper - Uniqlo

This was little Oscar's first time on the sand, but I think he enjoyed it!

Trainers - Converse || Sunnies - Steve Madden

On our way back, we found perhaps my favourite name for a street ever. It sounds like something out of a fairytale!

In the evening, we drove Oscar to Praze An Beeble (another amazing name and about 20 minutes from St Ives) to be looked after by a lovely dogsitter named Jo. She was absolutely incredible with him the whole time and I'm pretty sure Oscar enjoyed his time there more than he did with us! If you're in the Cornwall area and you're looking for someone to take care of your pooch, I 100% recommend her and you can find her website here.

This freed up our evenings a little bit more so we could wander without worry. We headed over to Porthmeor beach for tapas in the sunset, but I'll get to that...