MCM London Comic Con

So, something extremely exciting happened last weekend...I ticked something off my 15 Before 30 List! I have always wanted to attend Comic Con, so when tickets finally went on sale I snapped up two for me and my boyfriend for the Saturday. If you've read my list, you'll know that my dream cosplay was to be Elizabeth from the video game Bioshock Infinite, and I chose her first outfit (anyone who plays the game knows how many evolutions of this character there are) as it's always been my favourite. I have to send out a massive thank you to my mama for sewing all the add ons onto the skirt and shirt. 

If you don't know what Comic Con is, it's a huge pop culture convention and many of them take place all over the world each year. The London one takes place in May and October and covers in the entire weekend. There are hundreds of stalls, panels and people to meet, so there really is something to do throughout the entire day. 

I was absolutely in love with my Elizabeth cosplay and finally getting to be her for the day felt like a bit of a dream come true! It felt amazing when people complimented my outfit and recognised who I was. Someone also appreciated my addition of the thimble on my pinkie finger...

I wish I could have got some photos with other Bioshock cosplayers but I could hardly find any! The Saturday was completely packed to the brim and I often lost my friends or got jammed in the crowds. In hindsight I would go on the Sunday or Friday next time, or maybe even the whole weekend!

There were stalls selling basically anything you could imagine, including an entirely pink area dedicated to all things Kawaii! My favourite area had to be Comic Village where independent artists were selling their work. I definitely gave a pikachu a home although he got a bit squashed in my bag!

My friend Amelia also commissioned an 'Adventure Time' style drawing of us and my friend Sarah, which has to be the most adorable thing I've ever laid eyes on. If you've ever wanted to see Elizabeth Comstock, Scarlet Witch and Castiel in a picture together, here it is...

Ultimately I ended up buying ALL OF THE PRINTS, either for my desk or for when I create my collage wall in my new house.

I even snagged an adorable print of Elizabeth from the Bioshock Burial At Sea DLC, where she's very different from the version I played!

It really was a fantastic day and it was amazing to be able to take outfit photos in public without anyone batting an eyelid! I am 100% returning in October for the next weekend and I will have to go for more than one day! I feel like I didn't get to interact with other cosplayers as much as I would have liked to, but hopefully next time I will be able to attend one of the meetups! I'm definitely thinking I'll have to do something Disney next time...

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