Future Husband Wishlist

All images sourced from Pinterest.

All you need to know about why I wrote this post is because I was feeling particularly silly one day. I also came to the realisation that all of these men look very similar to one another...which probably says a lot about my taste in men. I'm going to call it 'classically handsome'. Obviously, I do have a boyfriend, which means I'm sorry handsome men on this wishlist, you'll just have to wait! You know, because I'm very likely to meet them. 


If you don't enjoy me fangirling over famous men, at least you get to look at the super hot collage I put together. You're welcome, internet. 

Top Row

Charlie Cox - I pretty much fell in love with him in Stardust where he wielded a sword and had semi-long hair. These are the kinds of things that do it for me. If you don't find him attractive now, just watch Daredevil, you'll see what I'm talking about.

Darren Criss - The Number One. Mr. Criss has been my dream man ever since I saw him in A Very Potter Musical way back and he had crazy amazing hair. Then I found out that he's obsessed with Disney. Then he went on Glee and became super famous and my dreams of our marriage were crushed. Why, Darren!? Why?!

Kit Harrington - Aw, Kit. I don't even like Game of Thrones, before you ask, but I do love Kit and his amazing face. And his amazing hair. And his amazing acting talent. 

Middle Row

Toby Turner - Oooh a youtuber! Guess one had to make it onto the list. I used to have a mad crush on Toby when I was seventeen. He's pretty crazy if you watch his videos, but then I saw him acting in this episode of Black Box TV and dear lord. Wait until then end for enlightenment. 

Colin O'Donoghue - Possibly the most handsome man to ever grace the cast of Once Upon A Time, I can't...even...deal. He's also Irish, if you needed anymore persuasion. 

Hugh Dancy - Another beautiful man I saw when I was younger, you may recognise Hugh as being the prince in everyone's favourite terrible movie Ella Enchanted. He's now playing Will Graham on Hannibal. 

Bottom Row

James Marsden - He's the other guy in The Notebook, but so gorgeous. He has a questionable choice of film roles but I'm not going to judge. He's there and he's beautiful. 

Jamie Dornan - No this is NOT a 50 Shades of Grey based choice, before you ask. Mainly because I think those films and books are terrible. No no, before he was Christian Grey, Jamie was the Huntsman on Once Upon A Time. Seriously, the casting on that show is just wonderful.

Skylar Astin - If you didn't fall in love with him and his superb vocals in Pitch Perfect then WHY NOT OH MY GOSH HARMONIES. That is all. 

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