Date Night at GBK

I'm not going to lie, I visited Gourmet Burger Kitchen primarily for the fries. After spotting them on many a blog I decided to pay a visit, after being recommended by about a dozen people on twitter. 

Obviously we visited the Brighton branch on a sunny Monday evening, where we took a stroll through the quietening lanes before popping in for a bite to eat. Ollie only had one day off this week (half of which was spent working), so we decided to make the most of the evening off together. It was extremely difficult for me to get him to persuade him to go here as he's heard bad things about GBK in the past, but I told him to give it a shot. 

"Have you visited Gourmet Burger Kitchen before?" the waitress asked. We shook our heads in response. "Oh!" she continued, a little shocked, "Well, you order at the counter-" 

"Like Nando's" my boyfriend said quickly. The waitress was reluctant to respond with a 'yes'. But yes, it was exactly like Nando's, but with funkier decor and novelty ketchup dispensers. 

I ordered the one thing I knew I wanted most - the skinny fries. I have a minor obsession with skinny fries, and in my opinion, the thinner the better. I absolutely love straw fries and I've never actually come across a restaurant that does them properly. 

So, you can imagine my complete excitement when the thinnest of the thin fries were served to the table, complete with a side of baconnaise, which is exactly what it sounds like. Bacon. Mayonnaise. YES.

Ollie went for the 'Blazing Sombrero' - a beef burger with smoked applewood, chorizo relish and tortilla chips served in a brioche bun. Unfortunately the beef burger itself was a little overcooked and under-seasoned. 

Something I did like about GBK was that you can choose to replace your bun with coleslaw and corn as a 'healthier' option. So, I chose the Captain Cook fish burger in a kind of healthier way! I didn't eat the coleslaw either because I'm not a huge fan. 

It was pretty good as far as fish burgers go (considering it wasn't a burger at all!). What I did end up having was a glorified version of fish and chips. Well done, Jordan! 

What I'm going to say is, I would 100% return just for the fries and baconnaise. As burgers go, my boyfriend is the expert and he said his wasn't as good as some of our other favourite burger joints (I had a nice chorus of 'I told you so' after the meal was over). But them fries though! Also they serve corn, which I'm all for because I'm a big corn nut. But did I mention those fries? They were insane! 

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