Borough Market

Borough Market is 100% one of my top must-visit destinations in London. If you're as big a foodie as me then it really is something special. 

Sat inside a Charles Dickens-esque brick building with the rumbling train tracks above, it really is a show ground for the culinary world.

So if you fancy a burger, noodles, curry, seafood or basically anything your mind can dream up, you can find it here. It's like a lunchtime paradise! 

There's cookies the size of your face!

And mountains of meringues. 

The day we visited it was beautifully sunny so I took the opportunity to wear a dress (because I believe all sunny days are a sign that this opportunity must be taken). 

The dress was actually my mama's that she has kindly given to me. I think it's absolutely beautiful and I don't own anything like it. It's perfect for casual day wear and can be worn in the Winter and the Summer!

I wore it with my boots which you've probably seen in the majority of my posts. What can I say? They're a staple! 

Dress - Whistles || Boots - Old || White Leather Jacket - Miss Selfridge

I paired it with my newest buy; a beautiful white leather jacket. As I mentioned before, I'm slowly building up a capsule wardrobe and a jacket like this one can be worn so many ways. 

This fellow was so beautiful that I felt bad that he was up for sale!

There is authentic food from sellers from all around the world, all freshly prepared each day and served up in huge portions! By the time the market was closing nearly all of this paella had been gobbled up. 

After much deliberation over what to eat, I chose to stop by the market's resident fish and chip shop, aptly named Fish! (because us British get very excited about fish and chips dont'cha know).

I ordered a chip butty not really knowing what to expect, but what was delivered was truly remarkable.


The most gorgeous chips I've ever tried sandwiched between two bits of crusty bread smothered in salty butter. It was to die for. 

The entire market was a parade of smells, sights and colours. The signs encouraged you to indulge in the produce, while most stalls will offer you a taste before you buy as well!

I didn't get one on this day, but I've heard these doughnuts are legendary. Fillings of salted caramel and vanilla cream topped with pieces of honeycomb. 

I have to say I was extremely tempted by the huge bricks of chocolate.

On our way out we found a beautiful display of multicoloured umbrellas hanging near a pub. 

Here, we relaxed in the sun for hours and it was truly wonderful! 

If you're ever around London and fancy a food extravaganza, then get yourself down to Borough Market. If you've already been then you don't even need to listen to me because you know how fantastic it is already! 

Borough Market is open for lunch Monday and Tuesday 10am-5pm and the Full Market is open all day Wednesday through to Saturday. 

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