The Tea Files: Spring Tea at sketch

Because half of my family had disappeared for Easter Sunday on a Scouts trip (this is what you get when your dad's a scout leader and your brother is a scout, obviously), my mama and I decided to take an impromptu trip to gorgeous London town. The weather had blessed us with a gloriously sunny day, which was fantastic for the walk from Victoria to Mayfair. 

If you don't know, my mama and I have made it our duty to try all the afternoon teas in London, in order to rank them on our list. This time, she had picked out the afternoon tea at sketch; a quirky art gallery. If you can't find it, it's guarded by a man in a bowler hat and is adorned with with a dog with half a face. 

The quirkiness begins as soon as you step hopscotch your way inside. 

And in case you got lost in all the art, there was a friendly hand to show you the way to the exit. 

You could ascend the mysterious bloody stairs to the library, but unfortunately it was closed. 

This was probably one of my favourite things, I think it's the murder mystery lover in me having a field day. 

We past through The Glade, a room painted beautifully to look like an enchanted forest. 

With a hauntingly beautiful chandelier which wouldn't look out of place in any fairy tale. 

We reached The Gallery: the pinkest room I had ever seen, adorned with plush chairs and walls covered in art by David Shrigley. The art is strange, humorous and thoughtful. I could pick out a fair few that I'd love to give to my friends because they remind me of them so much. 

The crockery is also Shrigley's work, reminding you that 'It's OK'. Although other table's sugar bowls said that 'It's Not OK'. 

I personally liked what was written at the bottom of the cups. And for the next hour, I did. 

We both chose from the menu, me having the sketch Afternoon Tea...

But of course mama couldn't resist a glass of golden champagne. 

Tea arrived. I was a little more confused as to why the teapot read 'Ghosts' and the milk jug, 'Dreams'. 

I went for hot chocolate, which arrived like molten chocolate; this one was so thick and sweet that it was up there with one of the best hot chocolates I have ever drunk. 

Cakes and sandwiches were promptly served, and I have never been more excited to dig into an afternoon tea in my life. It was stunning. 

Words cannot describe the sandwiches. Each one, so daintily and thoughtfully created, and equally delicious. Smoked Salmon and Jacob's cream...

Topped with the freshest, softest Quail egg (and a dash of caviar) was the best egg mayonnaise sandwich to ever touch my lips. 

Wrapped in its own parcel and tied with a ribbon to keep it warm was the mozerella and pesto panini. 

And we can't forget the cucumber and ricotta sandwich. Like a palette cleanser it was so light. 

I was equally blown away by the cakes. From left to right; pineapple and coconut cake, salted caramel choux filled with white chocolate chantilly cream, mint chocolate layer cake and finally a jam tart. 

Topping the bill were a blogger's favourite; Earl Grey macarons and a red berry cheesecake. 

In the cutest little side dish, which rang bells with Alice in Wonderland for me, were strawberry marshmallows (although I have a sneaking suspicion they were actually clouds because they were so light), and blackcurrant meringues. 

Afternoon tea is one of those sneaky meals that makes you think that there's not a lot there when it all arrives, but after two sandwiches you're bloated and dying. This meant that when the warm scones rolled up I was practically in a food coma. But, for the cause, I fought on. 

I went for plain and mama went for fruit, served with fig jam, strawberry jam and clotted cream. Crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, they were incredible. 

We took our time and slowly devoured as much as we could. They even brought up a second plate of sandwiches which we attempted to consume. Everything was delicious, even the things I didn't really like, and that's saying something. I'm extremely happy to say that sketch has shot right to Number 1 on our afternoon tea list, replaced The Langham Hotel, which was pretty damn incredible too. 

To finish off our Easter experience, we popped to the toilets...don't worry, you'll understand what I mean.

We entered the brightest, whitest room of them all, and ascended the stairs, confused as to where the toilets were amongst all these giant eggs. 

It was then that we realised the eggs were the toilets. 

This prepared myself for the most uncomfortable and strange experience of my life. As you enter each egg, you are surrounded by barnyard noises, from sheep to cows to pigs to, of course, quacking ducks. It's actually quite peaceful until...QUAAAAACK! A shrieking goose awakens you for your peaceful session.

Never have I experience a stranger toilet and I doubt I ever will! It was actually very cool, although I could have done without that rowdy goose in my ear. 

Afterwards, we took a stroll back to the station and a wander through Green Park, which appeared very yellow today!

I decided to step outside of my comfort zone a bit and wear a blazer, something which I never considered wearing casually before. This was one of my old school blazers, but I've re-styled it and now love this combination, especially with my favourite hat!

By the way, the hat is back in stock, people! I repeat, THE HAT IS BACK IN STOCK! 

Blazer - New Look (similar here & here) | T-Shirt - Jack Wills | Boots - Old (similar here) 

Hat - Miss Selfridge | Bag - Michael Kors | Jeans - Lipsy

I've definitely turned over a new leaf with blazers, and my next step is to invest in a white t-shirt to add to my classic pieces collection. 

Did you hear about the bowl of daffodils in the maths classroom?

They grew square roots!

Afternoon Tea Rating - 10/10