Look at this Stuff, Isn't it Neat? #3

Gadgets & Gizmos

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in 'Pink Blossom' - Long time readers might know that I don't wear foundation, so powder is one of my most important products when it comes to everyday makeup. I was on the hunt after my Bourjois one finished, and I was recommended this one by a friend. I chose it in the pinkier shade, although it comes out so sheer that it doesn't add too much difference to my complexion. It does, however, keep the shiny face problem at bay and keeps all my makeup set. A real winner and such a bargain!

Let it Go/Vivaldi's Winter by ThePianoGuys - This stunning cover is pretty old now, but I just recently discovered my love for it. A mashup of a classical piece and the Frozen hit, I literally listen to this every evening. It also makes me wish I were a top figure skater because it would be perfect to create a routine to!

NSPA Coconut Body Butter - I've raved about these body butters before and I'll rave about them again. This time I chose coconut and seriously, who doesn't want to smell like coconuts?! (apart from people who hate coconuts but anyway). These gorgeous butters are only £3 a pot and live up to the standard of ones even from The Body Shop.

The lighter evenings and mornings - After enduring the long English winters, I often forget how much of a difference the longer days make. The extra sunlight motivates me to get up and get things done, and not to mention makes getting up for work at 7am a lot easier. All I need now is some warmth and I'll be ready for anything!

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