An Italian in Mexico

Apart from going to the gym frequently, most of our days in Mexico were spent hanging out. 


All hilarious jokes aside, other than relaxing on the beach or by the pool, dragon hunting was our other past time. 

Sadly, this little guy was no Toothless, and he appeared to lack the wingspan to carry us off into the sky. But he certainly seemed just as relaxed as we were. I envied the lizards and their paradise home in the coconut plantation. 

Awoken early again by the morning sunrise, we got dressed and headed off to breakfast. 

Today was a day for seaside stripes and my favourite white shorts. 

These have shot to the top of my list in terms of shorts. A fashion tip my mama taught me about buying shorts is that you should always buy ones which are loose fitting around the thigh, as they flatter your legs more! 

These sunglasses always make me feel a bit like Hannah Montana in the first season. Anyone else remember when she feels the need to wear sunglasses to disguise her identity (which actually seems a bit more realistic when I think about it). 

Sunglasses - Steve Madden || Shoes - New Look

You may have also noticed that I went bare faced for the majority of my time in Mexico. It actually feel so relaxing not having to worry about applying products 24/7 and I found my skin benefited so much from the sun and warmth. 

Top - Miss Selfridge || Shorts - PINK (Similar here) || Belt - Secondhand

We decided on trying out the Italian restaurant for dinner, but as always by lunch time we were feeling pretty peckish. We stopped by the restaurant we normally had breakfast in, Vida.

Ollie had a starter of chicken wings. 

And a main of chicken with mash and lemon butter corn. 

One of our 'things' is that we have to try the club sandwich in every hotel we visit, so we couldn't make an exception here! The club was all mine and tasted absolutely amazing! 

I also had dessert (because it's me), and I opted for the "churro sphere with pastry cream". Unfortunately what turned up wasn't exactly what was stated on the menu. We found this happened quite a lot in the hotel, where the menu said one thing and then what turned up was completely different. I wouldn't call these little stars "a sphere" and there wasn't a lick of pastry cream in sight. As it was all-inclusive it was one of those things we just ignored, because the food still tasted excellent the majority of the time. 

Dinner meant it was time to dress up again and this time I went for one of my favourite dresses which I wore in one of my Disney World posts. You can see a full length shot of it in that post here.

Dress - Miss Selfridge || Earrings - Lipsy

The restaurant was decked out like a combination of an expensive, up-market restaurant and a traditional Italian cafe. The checked tablecloths and relaxing music could place you right on a little street in Rome if you just close your eyes. 

We ended up going back to Mia Casa twice (you know it was that good!), so I've culminated all the food we ate on both nights for you here. 

Beef carpaccio.

Are you squidding me?!

If you didn't get it...that was squid.

Bruschetta, with sun dried tomatoes, pesto and mozzarella. 

 Drumroll for the mains, maestro! 

Ollie had Pappardelle Puttanesca, which is essentially pasta in a tomato sauce with extras like veggies, lentils, olives and anchovies. 

My favourite main was by far the sea bass fillet with pesto spaghetti. Writing this post is killing me, I could devour this whole thing right now!

But on the second night I had to try the famous lasagne. Cheesy perfection! 

For dessert I had Marscapone cheesecake, which wasn't the best as it was a gelatine based one which meant it had quite a rubbery texture. 

But you couldn't go wrong with the Neapolitan ice cream with meringue. Takes me right back to when I was a kid and I used to separate the flavours. Defying the point, I know...

Mia Casa definitely takes the cake as the most romantic restaurant of them all. The candlelit tables and exquisite Italian cuisine makes it a must visit in the resort. But our favourite restaurant of all was yet to come...