A Brightonian Guide to Valentine's Day

I've always been one of those sappy people who loves Valentine's Day, whether I be single or in a relationship. I don't know why, but just the act of sharing love with those around you is something that really appeals to me. So when Quiz Clothing contacted me and asked if I would like to write a post about celebrating Valentine's Day in Brighton I jumped at the chance to show off all the lovely bits about this beautiful city. 

Of course, I didn't want to leave out all you singletons out there. Most of these places are perfect whether you're celebrating Valentine's with a loved one, or just showing a good friend how much you care. Brighton really is the perfect place to spend the day!


Scribbler Cards

One of my favourite little card shops in Brighton has to be Scribbler, simply because of how unique its cards are. When it comes to Valentine's Day cards (or any cards really), I love to give a card which is both thoughtful and funny, something that you wouldn't normally find. Scribbler stock some of the most adorable and funny cards I've ever seen, with some atheistically gorgeous typography. 

I think these two have to take the cake as my favourites.

This Is Not A Butchers

You may not know what this shop is when you first walk in, but I can tell you it's certainly not a butchers. What This Is Not A Butchers actually is is the most adorable little gift shop you've ever seen. 

Packed from floor to ceiling with quirky little knick knacks, doo dahs and thingamabobs, you could spend hours simply just browsing the massive amount of stock they have. 

This place is perfect for gifts for friends, especially if your friend has always wanted a set of vegetable badges.

Or an obligatory My Little Pony badge. 

But of course they stock more sentimental things as well. 

Sass & Belle

One of my favourite shops in Brighton, Sass & Belle is one of those places that I literally cannot avoid stopping by, even for just a quick browse. The stock is frankly just adorable. 

If your loved one is a budding traveller, the globe baubles are some of my favourites! 

I also pretty much fell in love with this Atlas suitcase. 

Oliver Bonas

Another shop I'd never heard of until I came to Brighton, Oliver Bonas is another must-visit shop on the streets of Brighton. 

Whether your ideal Valentine's gift would be a gorgeous chair...

...or a scented candle, Oliver Bonas have it all. Quite literally. They also stock jewellery and clothes. 

Know a cat lover? 

Or a world traveller? These are some of my favourites: full size world maps which you can scratch when you visit countries. 

They even have a special gift if you're a bit of a Disney lover...or if you have a very long wall that needs filling.

To Eat

Catwalk Cakes

Catwalk Cakes wins my heart simply due to their gorgeous cake displays (and also that they're pretty yummy!). I mean, how can you not fall in love with these cookie monster cupcakes?!

If you're not feeling up to going all out with a fancy dinner, then the next obvious choice has to be going for cupcakes. It won't be so cruel to your bank balance, and you get all the added 
sweetness which goes along with munching a bit of cake. Win win! 

Riddle & Finns

If you're a lover of fine seafood, then Riddle & Finns is a must visit for you. One of my favourite Brighton restaurants, the seafood here is outstanding. They also do a lunch menu which is extremely well priced. Their seafood platters are perhaps a little bit more pricey, but you can't beat the romance of sharing seafood over a candlelit table. You can read my full review of Riddle & Finns here.

Food for Friends

Established all the way back in 1981, Food for Friends is pretty much the hub of what Brighton food is all about. It's all vegetarian, which may scare lovers of meat (such as me), but this is a restaurant you don't want to miss out on. You'll be coming out feeling fully satisfied, even without a speck of steak to be seen. This is another great place to visit when you're single on Valentine's Day, and not just because the word 'Friends' is in the title. 

Top 3 Most Romantic Spots

Brighton Pier
On the Beach
The top of the Brighton Wheel

So that's my little guide to Valentine's Day in Brighton, if you happen to be here or around the area! I really can't think of a better way to celebrate the day than by having a brisk walk along the beach and a little explore of the lanes. 

I wanted this post to go up before Valentine's Day, but Mexico posts will resume in the next post! There is still a lot I haven't shown you...