Holy Cheesemas, Byron

You may remember my first visit to Byron earlier this year when I discovered their amazing speciality burger 'The B-Rex', which I proclaimed the best burger I've ever had. 

Well, the burger craving came back, and we all made our way to Byron, Bluewater, for a spot of lunch. The place was a buzz with people and I looked down to find myself immediately struck by the glory of what was Holy Cheesemas. I couldn't miss it, really. 

The Byron Christmas special was described as an extravagant, double bacon cheeseburger, containing not one...not two...not three...but FOUR different types of cheese. My boyfriend, who is the toned-down equivalent of Man vs. Food, couldn't help himself and ordered one up. He asked if it was big, to which the waiter replied, "Yeah, it's pretty big". The man did not lie. 

The towering chaos that was Holy Cheesemas was brought to the table, where we all marvelled at the most stunning display of burger artwork I have ever seen. 

If you were wondering which cheese had made a home of this burger, it was mature Cheddar, American cheese, Red Leicester and Monterey Jack PLUS the Cheesemas sauce.  

Although the Cheesemas was clearly the star of the show, we have to pay particular attention to it's accompaniments. We went for courgette fries, which I really didn't know what to expect with. 

I kind of thought they would be a healthier option but boy was I wrong! Deep fried and crispy, they tasted absolutely delicious, but do not order if you are on a health kick. These things were saturated in fat. 

I also ordered hand-cut, skin-on chips, which were absolutely delicious. 

My dad, who was perhaps less-adventurous, ordered the Classic burger, which was sweet and simple, but still delicious. 

And if you thought, "Nah, that Cheesemas malarkey is way too big to even hold!" here is my boyfriend demonstrating the art of holding a double cheeseburger with two slices of bacon and salad in it. 

He did pretty well I think! And he finished before all of us...somehow. 

The Holy Cheesemas is only available for a limited time, so if you love cheese, this is quite clearly the burger for you. I can't recommend Byron enough if you're a burger lover. They're still up there with the very best.