Christmas at Harrods

I suppose you could say that visiting the windows of Harrods around Christmas time is a bit of a tradition. But I honestly think there is nothing more magical. 

Even now, at the age of 20 years old, I still get excited when I see a giant, patchwork rocking horse in a shop window that actually rocks. Or a carousel of unicorns, or a tiny home for little mice in dresses and waistcoats. Maybe it's the story lover in me, but I do think there's nothing better. 

We visited Harrods after Winter Wonderland (where you can also find my outfit details), for a spot of lunch. We asked a doorman where we could find a good place to eat that was also affordable, and he recommended Sandwich, by Tom Dixon. 

Non-surprisingly, they sell a lot of sandwiches, but they also sell cakes and breakfast. 

The coffee is a decent size as well, because there's nothing worse than buying a coffee that comes up in an espresso cup. 

I'm also a bit in love with the crockery in this place. Just look at that mug. 

We promptly ordered. My boyfriend had a roast beef sandwich. A word of warning that if you don't ask for your sandwich to be hot, they won't bring it hot. Ollie forgot to ask so it came out very cold. Nonetheless, he said it tasted great. 

While my dad had pulled pork, which he did ask for hot, so it came out so. Another example of beautiful crockery there, I love the speckled effect. 

I went for something off the breakfast side of the menu; soft boiled duck eggs with Black Combe ham soldiers. 

I would never think to wrap ham around a crusty soldier, but it actually worked really well. It was absolutely delicious. 

Gotta love a runny egg.

After finishing off our food, we went for a little stroll around the outside of Harrods, taking in all of the beautiful displays. In some of the windows it really was snowing! 

I fell in love with the miniature families of mice who had inhabited the building. I hope they didn't mind me taking a few snaps...

And those cakes really do look good enough to eat. 

If I were I mouse, I think this one would be me:

Red dress, hair bow, singing lessons. Sounds about right.

Saying that, I really wouldn't mind this dress.

The attention to detail and the thought that goes into all of these windows is absolutely incredible. Every little detail has been accounted for, and I really don't care if it's just advertising and I'm being sold something. At least they've put heaps of imagination into it.

We left London with enough Christmas spirit to last the rest of the year, and with a severe craving for mince pies and a warm bed. London's pretty cold, you know.