A couple of weeks ago, a friend from school who is now a freaking excellent photographer asked if he could take some pictures of me to practise fashion style photography. And I was like...UM YES. 

So we set up a makeshift studio in my bedroom at my parents house and started snapping away. 

Photo Cred: Allie Cleve

I would absolutely love to do modelling as a career, but standing at a pretty puny 5'4" means that that dream is pretty much out of reach. Literally. 

Anyway, the brilliant man with the camera is Martin Brown (no relation, although we once managed to convince a girl at my school that we were married. Yes she believed us), who is extremely talented and you must check out his website for more of his amazing photos. 

Of course it would be pretty lame if I didn't show you the final pictures, so here they are. I honestly feel a bit silly putting them up on here because I never really know how to feel about photos of me. But either way I really hope you guys all like them!

Oversized Jumper - Miss Selfridge

This one became my new blog header, which I have somehow failed to mention until this point even though it's been up for about a week. Would love to know your opinions on it!

Thank you so much to Martin for taking the time out to come and make my face look better on camera than it normally does! All go check out his website and be sure to recommend him to anyone who needs a photographer!

Now, I'm going back to writing my three essays which are due in next Friday. It's hard being a wannabe model...just kidding.