Noodles Soup, Brighton

I have a very quick foodie post for you today coming directly from my boyfriend, because this sweet n' spicy little shop is pretty special.

You know ramen, those noodles you eat when you're at university and you're not due to be paid until next week, but you've managed to spend the majority of your money on clothes? Well this is Super Noodles done right!

You will never want to open another pot noodle again after you try this concoction. 

If you live in Brighton but have never heard of this place, then I can guarantee that you've most likely walked past it without even realising. Noodles Soup is a teeny weeny shop in the middle of West Street (the road leading up to the clock tower) right next to Tortilla. Once you see it, you can hardly miss it's big red sign and giant menu plastered on the window. 

My boyfriend had been wanting to go here for ages and now that I've let him loose he seriously doesn't want to go anywhere else. 

Great big bowls of soup are served to your table. You can pick from the extensive menu by quoting the number, but they're happy to switch out the noodles to other types if you prefer. Our favourite is the spicy roast duck ramen, which has just the right amount of kick without setting your mouth on fire.

Alongside we ordered a plate of vegetable spring rolls which were also pretty marvellous. 

Not only are the bowls of noodles massive, but they are really well priced. A big bowl will only set you back around £7-£8 and due to the high water content they fill you up for the entire day. Not bad for the price, I say. 

BUT, be sure to bring cash with you if you decide to pop in for a visit, as they don't accept cards. Also, they only give you chopsticks unless you ask, so be brave and give the traditional utensils a go! This place is now the reason I have the valuable skill of using chopsticks. 

If you're looking for some super authentic Asian food which is a million times better than Wagamama (seriously, you'll never go there for noodle soup ever again), definitely head down to Noodles Soup next time you're in Brighton.