Finding Miss Potter

The next morning, we awoke to rolling grey skies and chilly air, but our spirits weren't dampened. If the previous day hadn't brought us enough food, we had a two course breakfast to look forward to. 

I was happy to be sitting in the garden room, which with it's glass windows let in lots of light to awaken me. 

For starter, we both had porridge. Mine with brown sugar and cream, his with berry compote. Porridge is one of those things that I used to eat all the time, but since living without a microwave I have lost the motivation to make it. This, however, was perfect porridge, if I ever did say so. 

Although I was highly tempted by pancakes for our main breakfast, I decided that I was in the mood for a full English. The Gilpin's full English is pretty amazing in that it lists all the components you can have. You can have one or ten. It's basically a breakfast pick and mix.

The boy went traditional.

While I (not the biggest fan of beans, sausage or black pudding) went a bit more limited.

Everything was cooked perfectly, including the poached eggs. It's a serious matter you know.

Once we were finished it was with heavy hearts (and stomachs!) that we had to leave. It was checkout time and our beautiful room was to be sorely missed.

Before we left, I snapped this photo of possibly the most beautiful bird house I've ever seen. 

But, I wasn't quite ready to leave. Before it was time to start the lengthy journey back to Brighton, we decided to pay a visit to Beatrix Potter's house, which was located on the other side of Lake Windermere. 

We boarded the ferry, standing as far as the yellow line would permit and looked out over the lake, the crisp air nipping at our cheeks. 

Beatrix Potter's home is called Hill Top and is located in the little village of Near Sawrey, which is near to Far Sawrey, would you believe. 

Just as we arrived, the clouds began to part and the sun began to shine through. Everything was looking great until we joined the world's slowest moving queue to try and gain tickets. 

Now, we were in the queue for about twenty minutes and had moved about five inches, so I decided to skip ahead and see how long it was. It went all the way inside the building and more and there was one person selling them. Also, as the tickets were timed, there was no guarantee that we would have even been able to get into the house for another few hours. They were also £9 each and we had just paid £2 for parking because their car park was full and £9 for the ferry. 

Needless to say, the house wasn't looking like a good option. The good news was that the gardens were free to walk around and you could have a meander around outside of the house. 

Beatrix! Are you there!?

Being here, I can completely understand why Beatrix would leave the bustling city of London to be inspired by the gorgeous Lake District. 

Inspiration was everywhere...I went hunting for it in the bushes and under the archways. 

And of course the red coat made comeback for the second day. 

Before we left, we popped into the gift shop. And although I was sorely tempted to buy the complete works of Beatrix Potter and a soft toy Peter Rabbit, I resisted them both and bought something a bit more useful. A Christmas Ornament.

I can't remember if I've mentioned this on the blog before, but just in case I haven't, I have a rule that everywhere we travel to, we buy a Christmas ornament for our tree, so it's filled with memories.

And with that, it was time to leave the beautiful Near Sawrey and start the long journey home. 

But we couldn't leave without saying goodbye to Peter Rabbit. 

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