Wandering Windermere & Dinner for Two

The only unfortunate fact about our trip to the Lake District was that it was so short. The first day was jam packed with food and activities, while the second day was spent travelling home. But I was insistent that we see the actual lakes of the Lake District before we left. So, after our massages but before our dinner, we drove down the road to Lake Windermere; the largest lake. 

Even in the chilly air which nipped at our cheeks, the lake was stunning, reflecting specks of sunlight and attracting an abundance of wild birds. 

In the distance, the mountains beckoned for me to explore them, but I was stuck. 

"Come see us!" they called. 

"I can't!" I replied, "I've got a seven course dinner in forty minutes!" 

It was Northern coat weather, and even scarf weather. But I took advantage of my favourite coat. Everything I'm wearing is old. 

Red Coat - Miss Selfridge || Boots - Forever 21 (Similar Here) || Scarf - Found Abandoned (Similar Here)

If you've read any of my previous posts, you'll know that red is pretty much my signature colour. This stunning red coat was bought for me for my birthday, displayed in the closet of my new home in December of last year. It comes in just enough at the waist to flatter my figure and flares out beautifully. This is my OTC - One True Coat. I hope you all find yours one day.

We walked a little further where boats sat happily in the harbour, unattended at such a time (we arrived around half six), while tourists fluttered around them, snapping photos. 

I never said I wasn't one of them...

You can see the bows better here. Fun Fact: My original blog name was to be 'The Girl in the Red Coat', but the URL was taken. 

The sun began to set over the mountains, subtly reminding us of the time, so we made our way back to the car, to get ready for dinner.

I had a bit of a meltdown when it came to my hair this night (as usual), so I never took any outfit photos. But I wore the exact same outfit I wore in this post here

We began with canapés; olive textures and arancini with truffle mayo. 

Now, you all know my obsession with restaurant bread, but I think this one really takes the cake...or butter. The butter was sprinkled with pork scratching to give it an amazing, salty, meaty flavour. 

Our amuse bouche was white onion mousse over a soft boiled egg, sprinkled with chives and oats.

Followed by my favourite course; Muncaster crab in textures of heritage carrot, with a tempura oyster served in its shell. I'm not a huge fan of oysters, but if they all came deep fried I'm pretty sure I would be eating them like sweets. It was delicious.

This was followed by a spin on mushrooms on toast; Cèpes (the little mushrooms) and a king oyster (the big mushroom), with Jerusalem artichoke and mushroom persillade. Yeah, I have hardly any idea what most of those words mean but it was scrummy. This dish was also served with a soup which you drank to enhance the flavour. 

Our main course was a duo of lamb; consisting of the belly and the shoulder with a sweet potato fondant. 

With all the savouries complete, we moved onto the pre-dessert. Yep, a dessert before a dessert. I like this idea. It was strawberry sorbet over a champagne granita. It was delicious!

This came before the main event; Tomlinson's Rhubarb with vanilla, Cointreau and pistachio. I have to be honest, I was really annoyed when I saw this was the dessert, as I hate fruit as dessert and I especially hate rhubarb. However, my mind was completely changed when I tasted it. It's one the best desserts I've ever had. 

And of course we had a cheese board. The big chunk of red stuff on the end? That's quince jelly. I could literally eat this stuff like it's going out of fashion, and I'm not talking about with the cheese.

They wheeled out a cart of different cheeses and cut a choice for you to try. Goats cheese with ash...truffle brie...hard red Leicester. I ate the quince jelly and my boyfriend ate the cheese. We were both happy.  

Our meal ended with a pleasant surprise of a chocolate anniversary message. I wish the plate had been edible...

We concluded with petit fours, squeezing them into our already full bellies.

We concluded the magical day by jumping into the hot tub one more time, having yet another shower, and drifting slowly off to sleep to the light of the fire. 

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