When in Rome

...have a Roman bath, obviously.

But we'll get to that...

We decided to spend the first day in Rome exploring the major sights; the ones that all the tourists go to. Having been to Rome before, I had basically seen them all, but I realised while exploring that there was still quite a lot that I had missed.

We started at the Spanish steps, five minutes from our hotel, would you believe.

We were early, so they weren't that crowded, but when we returned later in the day they were packed, so go in the morning for a good photo op! 

We made our way to the Trevi Fountain, peeking into alleyways and gazing up at rooftops. There were so many of these lovely little courtyards, hidden from the public eye.

One day, I will live here.

We were greeted by a friendly street musician, who's violin music filled the road with sound and life.

The most disappointing part was that the Trevi Fountain was closed for refurbishment. By closed, I meant that it had been completely drained of water and smothered in scaffolding, so you could barely see it. It's one of my favourite sights, but we quickly moved on.

The churches of Rome are my favourite. You can pop into any one that you fancy and you will instantly be greeted by a full-blown gallery of stunning art and architecture. 

The ceiling was painted to look like it opened up into the heavens...

I could spend hours in Rome simply going in and out of churches. Each one is a little different, but they are all so beautiful. Even if you are not religious, you cannot help but marvel at how stunning they are. 

The dome was the same, painted as though it went upwards for miles. The perspective was mind blowing and I felt dizzy after walking around looking up.

We stopped by the Pantheon.

And admired the big hole in the roof, before making a swift exit from the suffocating crowds inside. 

But you can't do Italy without stopping for a pizza break. We asked for half and half, cheeky Brit Domino's style.

I mentioned in my previous post that my eyes had been extremely irritated by one of my makeup products. The culprit has still not been identified. But this meant that I had to go basically bare faced throughout the holiday. Please forgive.

Dress - Gilly Hicks || Trainers - Primark || Sunglasses (seen in first pictures) - Steve Madden

I was hoping to star in my own version of A Roman Holiday when I spotted this camera crew. Sadly, my dreams of becoming the next Audrey Hepburn were quickly dashed. They were filming for something else. 

I want to address that we walked a lot on this day. We walked basically across the entire city, ending up at the Forum and the Colosseum where we were extremely hot, sweaty and tired. 

But, like good explorers, we skipped the idea of the metro and walked all the way back. Trust me, I have never been so happy to see a man in a top hat. From the state of us, wasn't so sure he felt the same way. 

As soon as we reached the room, I once again stripped because clearly I hate clothing, and ran myself a lovely hot bath. 

The balcony doors were swung open wide as I relaxed in a big pool of bubbles. I have never had a more luxurious bath. Give me a face mask and it would have been perfect!

Thoroughly cleansed, I was ready for some true culinary delights at dinner. Yep, you heard me, the next post's a food one. Prepare yourself.

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