An Italian Evening

Yep, this post contains profiteroles. Quick! Grab a dessert and a glass of wine, I don't want you feeling left out!

We were in Rome celebrating my mama's birthday and one of the things she said she wanted to find was a proper, authentic Italian restaurant. We had somewhere special booked for the second night, but the first night we were really winging it. But it turned out to be amazing.

We began the evening by travelling to the top of the hotel for drinks. We dressed up to the nines and ascended to the top floor, where we had drinks and canap├ęs. 

I have no idea what any of these little delights are but they all tasted amazing.

Wait! I can identify crisps and olives here!

The hotel's restaurant where we had breakfast every day transformed into a Michelin star restaurant at night. Although we were tempted by the extravagant menu, my dad went for a little stroll around the streets outside in an attempt to find something a bit more 'Italian'.

He soon returned having "found the place" and we all set off. 

Dress - Miss Selfridge | Clutch - Primark | Go-to Wedges - New Look

Vladimiro Ristorante sat happily a block away from the hotel. Not going to lie, when I saw it, I was a bit sceptical. I felt overdressed there and having heard nothing about this place, I wasn't sure my dad had picked somewhere that would be any good. 

But, as usual, I was wrong. And this place is flipping brilliant. 

Tomato bruschetta, complimentary to start. 

We tucked in to the bread while my dad and boyfriend split a bottle of white wine. 

The evening was warm and around us the tables were full of people chatting and laughing. There was one long table a little way down from us where what looked like a whole family was dining. The atmosphere was lovely, relaxed and welcoming. We could have sat there all evening and we all found ourselves slowly falling in love with the Italian lifestyle.

Soon our food arrived. 

Of course, my boyfriend had the fillet steak.

Accompanied by chargrilled mixed vegetables. 

Mama had the seafood spaghetti.

While I went for the spaghetti with tuna. Got to gorge on the carbs in Italy! It was delicious, with a gorgeous rich tomato sauce and a subtle fishy taste. I am a tuna obsessive so this was perfect for me. 

My dad had the seabass (of which I stole a bit!) which was amazing. Perfectly cooked and not at all oily.

The menu here is pretty extensive so there's something for everyone. The staff are also incredibly kind and accommodating.

The best thing though, was this dude.

Yep, our own personal serenade. He travels from table to table, picking songs from his invisible library that he feels we will relate to. He sang us "Delilah" by Tom Jones, as well as a beautiful rendition of an Italian folk song. 

After the delicious main courses, of course we couldn't resist desserts! 

Here's our lovely waiter preparing for the show...

My boyfriend went for the Tiramisu, which was constructed in front of our very eyes! 

First, a hint of espresso...

Followed by a good helping of creme patissiere (made with their secret recipe). 

Finishing off with a good dusting of cocoa powder!

The boyfriend proclaimed it was the best Tiramisu he had ever tasted. So, if you're a fan of coffee, cream and chocolate, you know where to go if you ever hit the Eternal City!

My dad and I both went for the profiteroles, which you've already had a sneak preview of. But here's some chocolate pouring action shots for your lovely eyes.

Mama had cannoli; citrusy ricotta hugged in a cocoon of pastry dough.

I would definitely recommend Vladimiro if you are looking for a feel good, authentic-feeling Italian restaurant. The atmosphere is amazing and of course the food is delicious. Plus, the prices won't break the bank. If you're ever around Rome and want to pop in, here's their card;

Once again, thoroughly stuffed to the brim, we made our way back to the hotel for a good night's sleep. For tomorrow, we would be making our way to Vatican City...and working off a bit of this meal!

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