The Sky's Awake

"If adventures will not befall a young lady in her own village, she must seek them abroad."
- Jane Austen

On Sunday, before we arrived in Rome, our flight was delayed for five hours. However, they say that there's always a positive in a negative situation, and I think the positive here was how beautiful the sky looked. I very rarely get to have a window seat, so being able to look out at the clouds was so peaceful. 

We said goodbye to Brighton as we flew off towards Europe, the pier just visible below the dispersing clouds. 

And we ascended to 37,000ft.

It's on my bucket list to one day learn to fly a plane and I think this is why. Flying in a plane is possibly one of the most incredible experiences, especially when you are able to look out and see the Earth slowly disappearing. It's hard to comprehend that you are really so high up. 

But I think my favourite photo was this; the top of the Alps, peeking out of the cloudy sea below. 

Be sure to stay tuned; my Rome posts are coming soon, and yes, they include a lot of mouthwatering food; in my true style. I do love food. 

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