Beauty Tales - Skin as White as Snow

The mirror had never seen the Queen in such a rage. She had entered the room, overturning her vanity and stormed towards the Magic Mirror, her eyes filled with fire and her face oily and orange.

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall, whose the fairest of them!?" she gasped through heavy breath. 

The mirror sighed, and repeated, once again, "Snow White is the fairest, your majesty."

The Queen screeched, her voice piercing the night air. She calmed herself, turned to the mirror and whispered, "How? I have tried everything. The oily patches just appear! I cannot stop the running of the concealer!"

The mirror felt a little sorry for her, as she broke down, clutching her face which she now so despised. It was then that the door swung open with a bang, and standing in the doorway was the woodsman.

"Your majesty," his voice rang out, "I think I have something you might be interested in."

In his hand, glimmering in the dim light, was a small, red makeup bag.

If I had to give up all makeup and pick just one section to keep, I would definitely drop the lipsticks, mascaras and blushes, all for base products. For somebody who has an incredibly blotchy nose and possibly the worst dark circles since Panda bears were first discovered, a good concealer, among other things, is a must. 

I have often been told that I resemble Snow White (rocking the pale skin and red lips, I suppose), and I have always been in awe of her skin, in whatever version you see her. So, I have picked my three go-to base products that I use pretty much daily. 

I have already written a post on Collection's Lasting Perfection Concealer, so I shan't say too much, but it is the best one I have tried. It covers my dark circles and blemishes and isn't too heavy. Plus, the price is incredible and I never feel guilty about repurchasing.

After my concealer, I apply the Nip+Fab CC Eye Fix. This is an eye cream and concealer in one which I received in my beauty box. As it's a little too light to actually create any coverage, I use it almost as a highlighter for my dark circles. 

I suppose you could say that I've replaced foundation with powder, as this part is crucial to my base routine. I dust the Boujois Poudre De Riz De Java all over my face, especially on my forehead and nose, where makeup is more likely to melt away. This leaves my skin feeling very soft and matte (which I love), while sealing my face. 

I have to be honest and say the only thing I hate about this product is the packaging. Not the design, that's beautiful, but the actual inside. The only way to get the product out is by twisting a little plastic fitting, which releases the powder as you would talcum powder. Because of this, it's really difficult to get an even coverage on the brush because you either get a little or a lot of it come out at once. 

I hope you enjoyed this little insight into my favourite base products. Let me know in the comments your favourite ones and what you thought of this latest Beauty Tale. 

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