The California Grill

For the final night of our amazing holiday, I wanted to do something really special. The special thing came in the form of the second fancy dinner I mentioned before.

I chose the restaurant that had been voted by critics the Best Restaurant AND Most Romantic Restaurant in Walt Disney World; The California Grill.

Sat high at the top of the Contemporary Hotel, its glittering swirls of light can be seen all the way from the Magic Kingdom at night, and from the restaurant itself, you have the most beautiful view of the glowing Castle.

Bra Strappy Dress from Miss Selfridge ~ Dipped Leaf Earrings from Accessorize ~ Pearl Necklace from Disney's Japanese Pavilion

I had been both looking forward to and dreading this night the whole holiday, simply because I didn't want to leave. In the end, I'm really glad I booked this restaurant for our last night, because it was so brilliant that it made even our final night incredible.

The restaurant was huge, but the menu was simple and elegant, containing meat and seafood (as you would expect from a grill). There's also enough choice to suit anyone, with dishes ranging from breads, to sushi, to soups and salads.

The restaurant was big, but we still felt intimate at our table. The decor was also modern and classic, and there was an open kitchen, which you know I love. 

How many chefs?!

Not to worry, this certainly wasn't a "too many cooks" scenario.

For starter, we ordered the oven-dried tomato flatbread, with mozzarella and balsamic.

Followed by another case of 'Jordan eats too much salmon', this time served with sweetcorn purée, snap peas and carrots.

While my boyfriend had the fillet of beef with sweetcorn, tomato risotto, petit basil and tomato butter. I actually preferred his a little bit...

Dessert was, as always, the hardest choice, especially when they had a chocolate cake with a nutella centre! However, I opted for the banana fritters with a trio of dipping sauces.

They were perfect, sugar-dusted balls of deliciousness. My favourite sauce was butterscotch, but the peanut butter and chocolate were also lovely. 

While the boy couldn't resist another cheese board. 

The California Grill is also special in that it has two viewing decks sprouting from either side of the restaurant, so after your meal, you can head out into the warm night air and watch the 10pm showing of 'Wishes'; the Magic Kingdom's night time firework's display. 

Not only do you get a brilliant view of the fireworks, but you are also able to enjoy the music that those in the Magic Kingdom are hearing, so you get the full experience, just from a lot higher up.

When you wish upon a star...

During the display, a storm was brewing. Thunder bellowed in time with the fireworks, and every so often we saw lightning strike in the distance. I tried my best to get a photo of the lightning but it was just a bit too quick for me!

One last photo of my outfit for you.

Not only was the California Grill a beautiful restaurant with outstanding food, but it gives you something extra in the form of the fireworks. If you're on a romantic trip, this is the place to go. It made the last night memorable and romantic, which was all I could ask for. 

Now it was time to say goodbye to Disney World. I hope you've all enjoyed following my adventures! It feels like forever ago since I was there and so much has changed already. But don't worry, Disney, I'll be back soon.

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  1. you look stunning in that dress good chose for your last evening.