The Flying Fish Cafe

I booked two 'fancy dinners' for my boyfriend and I. And by fancy, I mean they took more of our Dining Plan credits than all the other restaurants we went to.

For our first, we headed down to Disney's beautiful Boardwalk, which was illuminated in never ending strings of lights.

I'm not going to lie, I was drawn to The Flying Fish Cafe primarily due to its awesome name, and when I got inside the decor didn't fail to disappoint. It was lie like the night sky, with cloudy blue ceilings and fish on parachuted trapezes swinging above our heads. 

There was also an open kitchen (which I love for no good reason), so we could watch the chefs do their work and listen to every sizzle and flambé that illuminated the stoves.

They adopt a surf-and-turf style menu, but I stuck to the surf, because I can't stop eating salmon (I had salmon three times on our holiday). 

And here it is in all its American-sized portion of glory. Oak-grilled salmon with braising greens, saffron-scented spring onions, roasted turnips and radishes, tender greens and sauce verde. 

One of the best cooked pieces of salmon I've ever had. Everything was cooked to perfection. The waiter was also amazing, talking us through the menu and even making sure I was happy with how my salmon was cooked.

The boyfriend had the "Entrée Duo" of char crusted Angus New York strip steak and potato wrapped red snapper.

But I think the real scene stealer was my dessert. A lovely little trio of 'concession sweets' called "Out on the BoardWalk". 

From left to right we have a "S'mores" whoopi pie lollipop, a cherry-limeade popsicle, popcorn mousse and caramel corn. 

The popcorn mousse was my favourite; exceedingly light and sweet with a the subtle buttery taste of popcorn. Also the caramel corn was to die for. I could have eaten a whole tray of the stuff!

Ollie had the raspberry and white chocolate crème brulee, which I'm afraid I can't recommend as it wasn't that nice. It was bit too stodgy and the flavours were a little too overwhelming.

However, Ollie was won back by the cheese board, which had five cheeses and homemade crackers, paired with an accompaniment such as vine raisins or honeycomb. 

After dinner, we headed out onto the moonlit Boardwalk for an evening stroll to let our bellies rest. 

I can't even explain how much I love this place. It's Victorian Style, so beautiful white architecture, and the strings of lights make it so magical (almost as magical as the parks! But shhh don't tell them I said that!). 

It reminded us of the game Bioshock Infinite, which if you haven't heard of/played I definitely recommend. The decor just screams of the floating city in the story. 

After walking a bit further, I found a beautiful gazebo which overlooked the lake. It was completely empty apart from my boyfriend and I, and it managed to win my heart as my "favourite spot in the world". 

I wore my Armani Exchange Dress which I was bought for my 18th birthday party, with a plaited brown belt and my New Look wedges.

I spotted the moon.

Not only was this place stunning, but it smelled amazing. The bushes which lined the edge of the gazebo were covered in this beautiful white flowers and their scent filled the night air. If anyone can tell me what flowers these are I would be so grateful!

And, of course, how could I end the night in a pretty dress without a spin in it?


I later found out this place is called Seabreeze Point and you can actually get married here. Typical me to be drawn to a place that has any association with weddings. 

If you are planning a trip to Disney World, you must visit the Boardwalk, especially at night. You can find The Flying Fish Cafe's website here, where you can make reservations up to 180 days in advance. 

Let me know in the comments your favourite place in the entire world! 

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  1. I've never tried this restaurant, neither of us are fans of fish so it hasn't really appealed but your food looks good. Look forward to finding out the other fancy place you tried, there are so many nice restaurants in Disney world aren't there?

    Seabreeze Point is so pretty, as soon as I started reading the part where you mentioned the gazebo I knew that's what you meant, we were actually meant to have our wedding ceremony there but unfortunately I had to many issues with Disney so we decided on somewhere else

    Belle x Part of Belle's world

    1. I would definitely recommend it there's some other things on the menu like steak for non-fish eaters which is quite nice :) It was so hard to pick from all the restaurants in the end I had to just go with the ones with the best reviews!
      That's a shame that you couldn't get married there in the end :( It is such a pretty place although I think if I were to get married there it would have to be at night because of all the lights! (don't think Disney would do that haha) xx

  2. Great presentation of the food and you look so fabulous in this dress! You're even making a happy dance :)