Birthday Breakfast

As you may have now gathered from my numerous posts, birthdays in our family consist mainly of one thing; food. In my opinion, a birthday (week) is the time when you can basically eat anything you like and not feel guilty about it.

With this mindset, my parents and my boyfriend headed off for breakfast the morning after his birthday at a little new shop that had just opened in West Malling called The Swan Street Cafe. 

Simply but adorably decorated, we went on recommendation of my mama, who had been there previously with her friend. She hadn't had breakfast yet, though, and we are always determined to find a new breakfast hot spot. It is the most important meal of the day, after all.

Although I don't drink it myself, apparently their coffee is amazing! Look at the size of that cappuccino!

My dad and boyfriend both ordered the 'No-Fry Breakfast', which is exactly what it says on the tin. A full English, without the unhealthy frying that usually goes into it. 

From what I tasted, it was delicious, but my family who are used to a big, traditional breakfast, were unfortunately not so satisfied. If you're like them and like your grease, I probably wouldn't recommend this, but if you're going for your health, then I definitely would!

Still a lovely looking array, no?

I ordered the American pancakes, topped with bananas, blueberries and maple syrup - my favourite combination!

Ready for some syrup-pouring action shots?

And yes, they were as good as they look.

You can find The Swan Street Cafe on facebook here.

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  1. I completely agree with you, birthdays are all about the food, and you can use the excuse a good week or so after the event :p

    Loving the idea of a grease free breakfast, it looks delicious x

    1. Glad somebody agrees, that makes me feel a bit better. I'm paying for it in the gym now though! It was very nice, you can't please my chef boyfriend though!

      Love Jordan xxx

  2. Oh my god that food looks to die for!