Beautiful Doorsteps

Every now and then (but only when it's sunny), I like to take a walk. I often forget the beautiful places which lie right on my doorstep.

How can you fault this scene?

England is beautiful sometimes. 

My boyfriend and I went on a journey to a farm shop to enjoy the brief day of sunshine. It's usually always sunny on the weekends when I work, so I always feel that if I stay inside on a sunny day it's just wasted. We may never have sun again!

I stalked my boyfriend with the camera, much to his disliking. 

But I think his back is very handsome.

The pond was brimming with wildfowl. 

Ready for the bird action shots?

We're soaring...flying...

Not even sorry for that High School Musical reference. 

The sun was positively scorching for an English day (translate: about 17 degrees C), so I decided to get my arms out. Literally.

The overgrown child that I am couldn't resist clambering onto rocks that looked like they were flat enough to walk over. 

I was only allowed on that one though...

I'll let you decide if that's for good reason or not.

We then went to the farm shop to grab a few bits and pieces. I couldn't resist the tubs of real dairy ice cream on a day like this. I chose my all-time favourite flavour; honeycomb. Not a lot of ice cream makers can do it right, but these guys did an excellent job!

My boyfriend took control of the camera to take some snaps of me. He liked them all but I'm quite unsure...

But I love this one of him.

In light of my triumphant walk, here's an inspiring quote.

"My grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was sixty. She's ninety-seven now, and we don't know where the heck she is." - Ellen DeGeneres. 

Ok, maybe not so inspiring, but I bet it gave you a giggle.

Let me know in the comments some beautiful doorsteps where you live.

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  1. Love this :) Although I'm so so jelaous you've had lovely weather, it's been freezing up here in the north!

    I'm the same as you, really love the English countryside and the first sign of some sun I have to get out and enjoy it! We have a park local to us that's beautiful and we spend many hours watching the birds, I grew up in Norfolk so am a useless fountain of knowledge when it comes to the names of all the different ducks!

    Can we have some of your sunshine now please? x

    1. Oh no! I absolutely hate the cold weather so any sign of the sun and I'm out! Sadly, it's now reverted back to Winter weather and has been raining for the past three days :( That sounds so lovely :) You can never have too much useless information is what I say! Hopefully my blog post will pass on some sunshine to the North!

      Love Jordan x

  2. Nice bird and you look beautiful too Jordan lol xx Glad to see you had a nice walk the sun never came out here at all, still grey and dismal x