Friday, 7 March 2014

Ultimate Hot Chocolates from Choc+

Like any university student, one of the best bits of going home for a short break is the abundance of delicious food that you usually can't afford to buy when suffering through coursework and reading. My mama never fails to surprise me with the most delicious treats and this reading week was no exception!

I'm not sure how long Choc+ has been around, but I've never seen it in Asda before (which is where I do most of my shopping) and my mum said she found these little beauties in Sainsbury's. They're little bags of delicious chocolate buttons (and marshmallows if you fancy their chocolate mallow version), which you simply stir into milk while it's being heated, just like you would a normal powder. They then melt away into yumminess!

After a few minutes of heating, the milk will turn all chocolately! 

By the time it's heated to the right temperature, all the mini marshmallows will have dissolved as well, giving a creamy, sweetness to it that you never get with normal powders. 

Pour into your favourite mugs!

And decorate as desired! I chose the classic combination of squirty whipped cream and yet more marshmallows. (You've gotta have some to eat as well!) 

These little pouches cost only £1.99 each at Sainsbury's (and I'm sure other supermarkets too) and come in a variety of combinations such as the classic drinking chocolate, chocolate mallow (my favourite!), chocolate fudge and rocky road scrumble. 

I highly recommend every go out and buy this wonderful stuff for your next sleepover/date night/general cosy night in because it is truly scrumptious! It may even top Cadbury's hot chocolate...but don't tell anyone I said that...

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  1. ooh I've never heard of these before but OMG they look amazing!!i must try them!Yum!:-)hehe!xx

    1. I hadn't either! They are so delicious though!

      Love Jordan xxx

  2. You have made me really want hot chocolate now since the twitter chat tonight!
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

    1. Mmm same! :) Will have to settle for Cadbury because I don't have any of this amazing stuff :)

      Love Jordan


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