Pancake Love

Even though there have been a million blog posts about pancake day, I thought I would write one anyway, because I flipping (get it? flipping?) love pancakes! 

To be honest, for me, pancake day isn't like Christmas in that it only comes round once a year and you do stuff on it that you wouldn't normally do any other day. I basically have pancakes at least once a week, whether it be for breakfast or dessert. Shrove Tuesday is simply an excuse to eat more pancakes than I would on a regular day.

I have a thing that depending on the type of pancake I'm making, the topping has to be different. Despite how much I've tried, I can't bring my tastebuds to indulge in a nutella coated American-style pancake as much as when I have it smothered on a crepe. This is my typical breakfast pancake; crepe with nutella and golden caster sugar. 

I didn't take as many pictures of the crepe making process as I made a right old mess and I'm sure you would have thought I was just an incredibly messy person. 

For dessert in the evening, I made thick, fluffy, American pancakes. The recipe is essentially the same as for crepes, except I use self-raising flour instead of plain, a dash of baking powder and two eggs rather than one. I'm afraid most of my recipe is estimation, so I don't have exact measurements. But you don't want your batter to be too runny, it has to be nice and thick so it evenly spreads out in the pan. This usually means just adding less milk than you would for a regular crepe.

The result is as follows.

I use my boyfriend's pancake recipe which he used to use at his old job. Therefore they are exceedingly good!

You can see the messiness gradually appearing picture by picture.

I usually have these pancakes covered in maple syrup and icing sugar, but I don't know if you've ever seen how much maple syrup costs, but let's just say it was a little out of my price range.

Instead I opted for golden syrup, which was on offer for only 70p at Asda! 

I'll be honest and say it doesn't top good old-fashioned maple, but it was a strong contender. I had to put a hefty amount on for it to be sweet enough for me!

I hope you all had a lovely Shrove Tuesday! Let me know in the comments what your favourite pancake toppings are and if you're giving up anything for Lent. 

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  1. Makes my Mouth water! Yum Yum! :)

  2. Replies
    1. They were so delicious! I definitely recommend making these for breakfast every day!

      Love Jordan