Eat. Drink. Love.


I thought I'd introduce you to (yet another) one of my favourite hot chocolate places. Cocoba only opened their little gem of a coffee shop in Bluewater back in October and ever since I first went there I was hooked. Their hot chocolate is out of this world, made from real melted Belgian chocolate and dusted with yet more grated chocolatey goodness!

They do a range of flavours as well, such as banoffee and toasted marshmallow, and iced chocolates for the Summer, which I can't wait to try!

If that isn't enough, you get a free salted toffee truffle with every drink purchase! These rich little sweeties are incredibly tasty. 

Plus they have a large range of chocolates that you can buy in house, as well as cakes and desserts. 

I'm definitely eyeing up that giant egg...

I can never resist a good choccy based shop! 

There are sadly only two of these places in the whole of the UK; one in Bluewater, Kent and one in Brent Cross Shopping Centre, London. However, if you are too far away to pay a visit, check out their website (link above) where you can buy all their products!

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  1. OMG I love chocolate, this place looks so amazing x

    1. Who doesn't!? It's soo good. I didn't have it this time but the carrot cake is amazing :D

      Love Jordan xx

  2. I never mind a chocolate overdose!!!!