B-Rex Attack!

Sometimes, I get a burger craving that I just can't shift...

This is usually problematic, as I rarely find a burger joint where they serve something that isn't full of gristle or completely tasteless. I had heard good things going around about Byron; originally a London chain but with a little set up in Bluewater, Kent. 

We drove up this morning for my boyfriend's birthday to spend a couple of days with my parents and after not eating all day, I was positively yearning for a big, meaty burger. 

Then I was attacked by a Byronasaurus Rex! 

A beautiful, meaty tower structured from a 6oz patty, American cheese, an onion ring, pickles, jalapeƱos, mayonnaise, bacon and sliced white onion. (It also usually comes with BBQ sauce, but I'm not a fan so opted out). 

We sat in a booth, surrounded by Byron's funky, factory like decor, eagerly awaiting the arrival of our burgers. 

I just couldn't wait!

We both couldn't resist the pull of the B-Rex, each accompanied by a hefty bowl of fries. 

Corrr, how can you resist that?!

The first bite was pure heaven.

It was one of the best burgers I've ever tasted. No gristle to be seen! Byron also cook all their burgers medium (unless you ask otherwise, so be warned!) which is perfect for me. All the flavours worked together brilliantly; the crunch from the onion ring, the spice from the jalapeƱos, all bound together by the thick, melting cheese. 

Did it pass the test? 

I think so!

As it was me, I also couldn't resist dessert. I had the Banoffee Mess; a mixture of cream, bananas, toffee sauce and biscuit in an immense sundae dish. 

I do not regret eating the whole lot.

The B-Rex will only be roaring until the 28th April, so head on down to Byron to see if you can eat it a bit more gracefully than me! 


  1. I had a pretty epic burger at the weekend too ... I was so full, swore I was never going to eat a burger again yet here I am drooling at your burger photos!

    Really love your fluffy top! x

    1. It's so yummy I hardly eat burgers because they're usually not that great but this was out of this world! And thank you it's Primark :D

      Love Jordan xxx

  2. If you and your boyfriend like a burger you should, no you need to visit patty and bun in London http://www.pattyandbun.co.uk I've been to Byron but these were amazing, the best I've ever had. They make these amazing rosemary and sea salt hand cut skin on chips which are pretty incredible too! The shop isn't all that pretty but the best ever burger by far. One to add to the gourmet bucket list!