Tea and Steak

I was fortunate (or unfortunate, depending on how you look at it) enough to have the whole day off university yesterday due to all my seminars being cancelled, so my mum and dad came all the way down from Kent to see me. Because I work weekends and then have university every day in the week, its very unlikely that I will get to see them often during term time, so this was quite a treat.

We journeyed into rainy rainy Brighton town centre for the day, looking to have a spot of tea or coffee, then a bit of lunch. 

Our first stop was Blackbird's Tea Rooms, which is my favourite little tea room in Brighton. 

Not only is it the prettiest and cosiest little tea room EVER, they also do the most amazing tea and cakes. They're all baked fresh that day and are kept on a beautiful counter surrounded by teapots and vintage teacups.

My mum and boyfriend ordered a pot of breakfast tea, which came with gorgeous little blue and white china tea cups, although my 6'1" boyfriend commented he felt a bit like the BFG holding them.

The tea is everything you would expect from an old-fashioned tearoom; tea leaves an all. 

I, however, opted for the less traditional, but still super cosy, hot chocolate. 

Even though we were going for lunch after, we couldn't resist a bit of cake! I shared a slice of banana and passionfruit cake with my mama, which was absolutely delicious and very moist!

My hair looked a bit Hermione Granger-esque after having it all curly from the night before. 

After consuming all our tea and cake, we headed on over to one of our favourite Brighton restaurants, The Coal Shed

The food was lovely (their steaks are the best, obviously), and I had a bit of trouble trying to stop people from eating their food so that I could actually take pictures!

There was a bit of a mix up with my dad's starter (they accidentally gave him the mullet), however the staff were excellent and gave it to us anyway. It was extremely delicious as well.

Greedy dada finally got his correct starter, which was the lobster bisque.

Both my boyfriend and I had the onglet steak for mains. It was very nice and their beef dripping chips are to die for, but it does come cooked blue if you don't ask for it any other way, so if you're not a fan of blood, make sure you let them know!

 My dad had the steak and ale pie (which I had a cheeky dip of a chip into) which was also really nice. 

I also went a bit mad in Primark, so a haul post may be on its way.

After we were finished, we rolled on home to our cottage for some of mama's famous homemade apple pie. We really were piggies. 

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  1. Blackbird Tearooms is one of my favourite haunts and round the corner from my work which is dangerous. No one should be on a 'healthy eating kick' that close to such good cake! Love the photos sweetheart! I'm actually going to The Coalshed for the first time on the 13th with my boyfriend so this has got me excited :) Followed back xxx

  2. Everything looks so nice! Proper lovely photos. The tearoom looks so sweet : )
    I love spontaneous little days like that! ... And also pretty much any day involving tea and cake is a good 'en haha

    Lovely blog, will definitely be following : )
    Have a lovely day!
    . emma || shake&fix .

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! Same here! If I'm not baking cakes I'll most likely be out somewhere consuming someone else's :D
      Thank you for the follow! Your blog looks like it's going to be great, I've followed you on Bloglovin :)
      Jordan xxx

  3. What a great way to spend your day off! :)) That piece of cake looks so yummy!!!!!