My First Love Me Beauty Box

I feel like I'm the last person on Earth to jump on the beauty box bandwagon. Until I started blogging I really had no idea that these wonderful things existed! But once I discovered them, there was no going back. I mean, how could I turn down having beauty products sent to my house every month?!

It took me a while to pick which box company I would go with. After a lot of research on other blogs and review websites I went with Love Me Beauty. Nearly all of the blogs I read said that they never fail to disappoint, plus they give you the option to pick what products you would like to receive, which was a real deal breaker considering how picky I am about my beauty products.

The box was appropriately all wrapped up in red tissue paper for Valentine's Day.

I chose Menu 1 and this is what was inside...

 Inner Me Beautify Me Vitamin Complex ~ 28 Capsules ~ RRP £15

I've never used vitamin capsules before (unless you count Bassett's soft and chewy which I would happily still take now), so these were a totally new experience. You're supposed to take two a day, with or after a meal and they will make your skin, hair and nails lovely and healthy. There's two week's worth of capsules here and I've begun to take them already. I'm not sure if I'll notice the effects, but I think the packaging is gorgeous and some extra vitamins certainly couldn't go amiss for me.

Bakewell Soap Company Multi-Purpose Pocket Balm in 'May Chang' ~ Full Size ~ RRP £3.95

This was one of the products I knew I would use regularly. I apply lip balm every time before I go to bed and before I apply lip gloss. This little treasure is a handy combination of lip, hand, nail and body balm and so far I have used it as all four with great effects! My hands and lips feel lovely and soft and it's a great little pot to carry around in my uni bag. According to the leaflet, the balm contains "astringent citrus oils that help repair and tone dry and damaged skin". This is definitely one of my favourites from the box.

Percy and Reed No-Fuss Flawlessness Dry Conditioner ~ Full Size ~ RRP £12

I had never heard of dry conditioner until this fell through the door, but I was excited to try it. I have quite naturally soft hair anyway, so I thought I might try it on my frizzy afternoon locks. It didn't make much of a difference but I think it might be because I wash my hair every day anyway. I can see this being very useful days after I go out though, as I usually curl my hair then wake up looking like Hermione Granger in the morning. 

La Claree Smooth Day Face Care ~ 7ml ~ Worth £3.92

This is another favourite from the box. I love a good moisturiser and I have been using this as a base before applying makeup, while using my normal moisturiser before bed. I love this; it's got an interesting texture but it dissolves into my face effortlessly, allowing me to apply makeup straight away. It is supposed to smooth and firm my face so I'm not going to stop it. The RRP of a full pot is a whopping £28, however, so I think I'll just stick with the sample for now. 

Mystery Product: Murad Professional Age Reform Osmolyte Tonic ~ RRP £8.96

I have to admit that I was a little disappointed with this mystery product, having read a lot of other reviews of this month's beauty box and seeing that they had all received the Art Deco Lip Gloss (which I was then really looking forward to). But I'll give everything a try once. Face mists aren't really something I'd normally buy, so although this is a good product I will probably give it away to someone who will use it more. 

So that's my review! Overall, I was extremely pleased with my first beauty box and will definitely be keeping up my subscription. I love the fact that you get some what would normally be expensive products for such a great price, while getting the opportunity to try things I wouldn't normally. 

What did you think of this month's beauty box? Is there another beauty box I should try as well?

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  1. The dry conditioner definitely looks interesting! My hair can't decide if it wants to be straight, wavy or curly so I often wake up to frizz central... Let me know what it does to crazy morning hair :) I have a Birchbox subscription but I tend to find that I get very excited about one or two of the products and the rest goes into my sample box and is never looked at again...

    1. Yeah I'm not sure what to make of it at the moment! Might test it out tonight on my post-work hair and see how well it copes :D I had a look at Birchbox, it was between Love Me Beauty and that and I think I liked the fact that you could pick with LMB so I'd be more likely to get the most for my money :) x

  2. That's a great cosmetics box! i want one :)))

    Lu ❤

    1. They're very good I can't believe I didn't know about them before :) xx

  3. The Beautify Me capsules are amazing! I got some at an event and couldn't rate them enough! Beautiful blog!

    Lauren-Robyn ❤

    1. I've never used them before so it's totally new for me! :D Thank you! xx