A Sunny Walk in Brighton

For the first time in months a stream of light shone out from beneath the blind to awaken me to a gorgeous blue Brighton sky! I had to stop myself from singing "Oh what a beautiful morning" at the top of my lungs, for fear of waking my boyfriend and neighbours.

I couldn't waste a photo opportunity such as this one, for we may not have blue sky for another few months knowing the unpredictable weather! So I quickly got changed.

Here's a few outfit snaps.

I wore my Jane Norman jumper with my Miss Selfridge 'Super Soft, Super Skinny' jeans, along with my Chanel Levres Scintillantes Lip Gloss in Jalousie, which you can buy here. Might have to do a whole post on this one because it's gorgeous!

So I pulled on my trusty Primark walking boots and set off a little early for university with the hope of getting a lovely couple of pictures in the sun. 

The stunning Sussex Downs! I sometimes forget how beautiful my home is.

Some of the first daffodils of the season were waving at me in the breeze.

But my favourite were the crocuses!

Their vibrant colour and abundance just reminds me that spring is on its way.

Hopefully there will be more beautiful spring days coming soon. I do love Brighton.

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  1. It's so nice when we can see the sun above us :)) Everything looks so much better!
    I love your cute knit jumper!


    1. It does look beautiful! I love taking photos of nature when it's sunny :) Thank you! I bought it aaages ago and I've only really started wearing it again